‘Unexpected’: Hailey 1 & Darren Amos Reconcile?

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An Unexpected reconciliation? Hailey 1 Tomlinson and her longtime boyfriend, Darren Amos parted ways over the summer. The two had a lot of social media back and forth about what happened. It ended up getting very messy with Hailey’s ex and baby daddy getting involved. The worst part was that even her daughter, Kinsley was placed in the middle. Now it appears that maybe some fences might have been mended between Hailey and Darren. Read on for more details.

An Unexpected Relationship Goes South

Hailey 1 and Darren were very happy together. Then, their relationship just ended. Darren took to Facebook to explain that they had parted ways. However, he noted that he would continue to be Kinsley’s father as he was a great “stepfather” when her dad, Matt was not around. Hailey went on to clarify that she had not been unfaithful so that wasn’t the reason they broke up. Darren went on to allege a man had been calling him but Hailey maintained a different story.

Hailey 1

Apparently, Matt had been frequently calling so he could see his daughter. At this point, they had a much better relationship so she was not about to keep him away. Unfortunately, it was about to get worse. Despite Darren saying he was always going to be in Kinsley’s life, he soon revealed that he was told to do the opposite. Matt allegedly asked him to remove all traces of Kinsley from his social media so he did as he was told. Over a month later, things turned around.


According to @tlc.unexpectedteaa, Darren and Hailey have reconciled. They shared this news on their Instagram pages. Hailey added his name with a heart emoji and he did the same with hers. Plus, Kinsley’s name is back on his profile so hopefully, things are working out with Matt, as well. It has been a difficult ride for Hailey 1 since finding out she was pregnant so meeting Darren was a huge breath of fresh air.

A Rough Break For Hailey 1

Hailey 1 was first introduced in Season 3 of Unexpected with her boyfriend, Matt Blevins. Unfortunately, he was flirting with her best friend, Hailey 2 via text. She would show her bestie the flirtatious texts and, ultimately, Hailey 2 and Matt ended up together. They had a baby but he ended up leaving her. The two Haileys were able to bond over the fact that had been done wrong by the same man. Fortunately, she found Darren who was so amazing to both her and her daughter, Kinsley. It was awful when it ended but it seems like it has all worked out in the end.

Do you think they are now back together for good? Plus, do you miss Hailey 1 on Unexpected? Let us know in the comments.

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