‘Unexpected’ Tyra Boisseau Sells Access To Her New Baby

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Unexpected alum Tyra Boisseau is selling access to her new baby boy. The now mother of two is making sure that she does all that she can to monetize off of her personal life. This includes her newborn baby boy. So, what exactly is she doing and why does it have followers up in arms? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau Sells Access To Her New Baby

Back in March, fans were curious as to where Tyra Boisseau had been. The Unexpected alum was seemingly not as active on social media as she had been. Then, someone took to Reddit to share that they saw her and her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Alex Wilson at the store. They claimed that she looked pregnant but nothing had been confirmed. Then, a short time later, Tyra showed up on Instagram with a maternity shoot. She shared her bare belly and it turned out, she was 31 weeks along and expecting a boy. Tyra and Alex are already parents to their little girl, Layla plus he has a son with another woman named Hanna.

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Fans were confused if Alex was her baby boy’s father but it seemed he was. Then, Tyra Boisseau shared that Alex was officially with Hanna and had left her. Along with that, her home had burned to the ground and she was left with nothing all while she was prepping for baby number two. It was a lot for her to handle. Now, she has taken to TikTok to share that she has given birth to her baby boy. However, in order to see him or get any information, you must be a subscriber of hers. So, essentially, she is selling access to her newborn.

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Fans immediately took to Reddit to express their frustration with Tyra. It showed her chowing down right after delivery. The biggest question was why she went live literally right after giving birth. “Why the f is she going live after she just had a baby dear lord,” one Redditor questioned. Another added that she is money hungry.

Is Tyra Okay?

One follower asked if Tyra Boisseau was mentally okay while others thought this was overall “gross.” Someone chimed in with this: “And already exploiting her baby who is HOURS old by telling people if they pay/subscribe to her they’ll get to see him 😒.” It was deemed “disgusting” what she was doing and Redditors could not believe people would actually buy the images.

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Now, as aforementioned, Tyra did suffer a house fire at the end of May and lost everything. A GoFundMe was set up by her sister, Tiarra with the goal of 10K. The reason for this was they did not think Tyra could get everything in order prior to the baby’s arrival. So far, they are at a little over $8200 so she may be doing all she can to get by, even selling access to her newborn.

Do you think Tyra should treasure her children’s privacy a little more or does she just want to make money? More so, do you care what she does with her children? Let us know in the comments below.

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