‘ABP’ Gabe Brown Tells Fans ‘You Can’t Trust A Bush Boy’

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People / episode screencap

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown says you can’t take a “bush boy” anywhere. Gabe always seems like the most relatable and down-to-earth member of the ABP family. He looks like he wants to have fun and doesn’t take things as seriously as other members of his family.

Here is a look at what Gabe recently did that proves that you can’t take a bush boy anywhere.

Gabe Brown says you can’t take a bush boy anywhere

Gabe Brown loves to have fun and mess around, and that is what he uses his social media accounts to do. His most recent post looks like it came from his trip to a motel. Clearly, he was acting out as only he can. In the photos he posted, there was one of him lying by the top of what appears to be a hot tub or bubbly pool. He’s lounging with his tongue out.

Gabe Brown from Alaskan Bush People / IG

He added a second photo of him by a door that says it is an emergency exit and an alarm will sound if opened. His expression shows he is seriously considering opening it. He then showed another of him above the water, his tongue still stuck out. Gabe then shared a photo of him messing around on an exercise bike – but doing it all wrong. Finally, was a third photo above the water, his tongue back out. He then captioned the photos, “Reasons you can’t take a bush boy anywhere lol.”

As usual, Gabe Brown can’t go anywhere without showing out and having some fun. As per usual on his Instagram account, he loves taking fans along with him for these fun times. However, while some fans buy into it, there are others who will bash Gabe (and his family) every chance they get.

Alaskan Bush People fans respond to Gabe’s new photos

The first comment under his caption shows that latter type of Alaskan Bush People fan (hater?) perfectly. “Lose the makeup bro your starting to look like a dam girl and if that’s your goal then so be it commit to it,” one started. It was a long post from someone who feels Gabe should be a “true old fashioned man” like his father, Billy.

Gabe’s eye makeup has always been a sticking point for some fans. More so, many of them equate it to his sexuality. What no one seems to take into account is that Gabe’s wife Raquel is into goth, and eye makeup is part of that lifestyle. Everyone from Alice Cooper to Ozzy Osborne has worn eye makeup and no one questions their sexuality because of it. However, some fans of Alaskan Bush People constantly misinterpret Gabe’s fashion choices.

Gabe Brown on Instagram

Other members of the family, like his estranged sister-in-law Raiven Brown, came to his defense. Recently, Raiven asked fans to stop being so judgmental and let Gabe live his life as he chooses. Luckily, Gabe has fans who will always come to his defense as well. As one wrote in the comments: “What gives you the right to comment and tell him what he needs to be/or do. He is a free spirit. Gabe, never change for anyone!”

What are your thoughts about Gabe Brown having fun? More so, what do you think about how the Alaskan Bush People fans reacted to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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