‘ABP’ Gabe Brown’s Wife Steps Out Of Comfort Zone

While Alaskan Bush People fans know very little about Gabe Brown’s wife Raquell, that might change soon. The young woman said she is about to step out of her comfort zone, and that could mean big things for fans who want to learn more about her.

Here is what Raquell Rose Brown said and what this could mean for the future of Alaskan Bush People.

Gabe Brown’s wife makes big announcement

Alaskan Bush People fans have not seen hardly anything from Gabe Brown’s wife Raquell Rose on the reality TV show. She has been notoriously private with her life and that of their children. Bear Brown’s wife Raiven was on the show a lot last season, and Noah’s wife Rhain also made several appearances.

Raiven Brown and Gabe Brown's wife Raquell Rose - IG

Bam Brown is not married, but his longtime girlfriend never appears on the show at all. As for Gabe Brown, his wife played a big role in the last season without ever appearing at all. Gabe was intent on building a home for his family to live in on the mountain so he could create their own sanctuary where he could come home from work to his wife and kids each night.

Not only was Raquell not on Alaskan Bush People, but she also wasn’t on social media. She had an Instagram account, but it said she was on a social media hiatus. That was smart, as the Alaskan Bush People fans – and more than that, the non-fans – are often hostile and rude to the entire Brown family.

However, Raquell came back one week ago and announced that she and Gabe were apparently now on TikTok. That was shocking for the private young woman, but then she showed up on Instagram on Tuesday to announce, “Here we go, yikes! I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone. So Im going to try and post more. It’ll be a slow process, but anxiety will no longer control me.”

So far, the comments are all positive. That is only right, as anxiety is a tough thing to deal with and the last thing she needs is people making fun of Gabe’s eyeliner on her posts.

Is Raquell coming to Alaskan Bush People?

There should be one big change in the next season of Alaskan Bush People. Bear Brown and Raiven separated less than a month after Raiven delivered their second baby, Cove. Bear is back in Washington and Raiven is in Texas. This means Raiven and River likely won’t return to the reality TV series.

Gabe Brown wife on IG

While Raiven thinks she is becoming a “creator” on social media, her visibility will be gone from the Discovery Channel series. That leaves a hole and there is a chance that Raquell could show up alongside Gabe Brown as he builds (or finished building) their new home on the mountain.

Discovery still hasn’t announced if it has renewed Alaskan Bush People for a new season, but some posts by Bam Brown make it look like they might be filming right now.

Are you excited to see Gabe Brown’s wife Raquell Rose active again on social media? Do you want to see her on Alaskan Bush People next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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