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‘ABP’: Gabe Brown Combats Trolls ‘Throwing Stones’ At Him

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Gabe Brown, from Alaskan Bush People cast member, has shocked many of his fans over the years. He has gained a lot of fans by showing off these sides of himself. Every once in a while, Gabe Brown will show his softer side though. Being part of the Brown’s wolfpack has gained Gabe a lot of attention and not all of it is good.

Gabe Brown & The Wolfpack

Discovery Channel viewers have followed the lives of the wolfpack for years now. They watched as Ami Brown discovered she had cancer and as Bird Brown got through her medical issues. Viewers have seen children born and marriages. It turns out that Gabe Brown, along with his family, are doing their best to make ends meet these days.

Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People- YouTube
Gabe Brown on Alaskan Bush People- YouTube

Many of the Browns have started to work on Cameos for their fans to make extra money. Gabe Brown seems to be the only member of the family who has yet to do so. However, he has been active on social media. In one of his holiday posts, he actually freaked some of his fans out. In Gabe’s post, he is seen sticking out his tongue with the Christmas tree behind him. He had photoshopped a picture of himself coming out of his mouth.

Gabe Brown is no stranger to showing off his sense of humor on social media. Recently though, he decided that there was something else that he needed to address with his fans though.

The Newest Instagram Post Shocks Fans

Gabe enjoys sharing pictures of him and his wife, Raquell Rose on his Instagram account. Although she likes to stay out of the spotlight, she will pose with him. However, in one of his most recent posts on Instagram, he wanted to share with his fans just what was on his mind. The post began with, “Before I say this, and everyone starts throwing stones, know it comes from great memories of the past, and those memories being made today. I love the winter. It’s so stunning, the beautiful ice crystals, big fluffy flakes, even that feeling when you can’t feel your toes, everything covered in a soft white blanket, it’s like living in a cloud. I love it.”

Gabe Brown- Instagram
Gabe Brown-Instagram

Gabe Brown went on to share with fans about catching snowflakes with his siblings. He added, “We all began to laugh, timeless, and fleeting as life itself the winter season goes, there’s lots of fun to be had. I think of all the joyous times, and tears come to my eyes, now with children of my own, I see me in their smiles.”

Although Gabe Brown shared his feelings about loving winter, he had a lot of fans that disagreed. Additionally, many of Gabe’s fans told him that he could keep the cold!

Gabe Brown loving the cold is more than likely the reason he loved it in Alaska, how do you feel about it? Let’s get those winter comments here! Plus, be sure to follow more of TV Shows Ace for updates on the Brown family.


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