Fans Think Something Is Wrong With ‘ABP’s Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown from Instagram

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown shared his thoughts on love and the meaning of life with his fans. Sadly, several fans ignored his message and chose to instead hurl insults at the reality TV star, with several saying there was something wrong with him.

Here is what Gabe said and how fans reacted to him.

Gabe Brown sends message of love

Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown sent out a message to his fans. It was all about love and the meaning of life. The message itself was positive and showed the big heart of the ABP strong man. However, some fans reacted negatively to him and it had nothing to do with his message. It was almost like people didn’t care what he had to say.

In the message, Gabe posted a picture of himself using an interesting filter and then delivered one of the ponderings he is known for. In this post, Gabe wrote about love. “Love is the meaning of life. For anyone wondering,” Gabe wrote.

Gabe Brown screencap

Gabe then went on to say that he wasn’t talking about “just romance.” He said love could be seeing someone special, putting your hand into a box of kittens, or holding that special toy from childhood. It could be watching your kids play outdoors in the show.

“Those moments of joy can chase away monsters, and turn tears into smiles,” he wrote. “This is our world let’s live for love, and spread that around there are enough things to be sad about, let’s not be that for others, be happy all you who would dare to Love.”

It was a beautiful message. Sadly, in the comments on Instagram, instead of responding to the call for love, many people spread more hate.

Alaskan Bush People fans think something is wrong with Gabe

One would think that people would respond to Gabe Brown’s message of love in the comments. However, many people didn’t seem to care about that message and just commented on the photo of Gabe himself. Much like people who always make fun of Gabe for using eyeliner, people wanted to mock his appearance. In this case, there was something in the photo that seemed to be sticking out of Gabe’s nose.

The first commenter on the page asked what they were looking at. The next told him to wipe his nose. Another was a little more personal and insulted Gabe’s upbringing. “Their father and mother kept them away from society too much too long, societal problems plague them,” they wrote, comparing them to caged animals set free.

Gabe Brown IG

Others did read his message of love and still insulted him. More than one commenter said if Gabe really felt this way, he would reach out to his brother Matt, “otherwise your words are empty.”

Thankfully, there were positive commenters as well. One wrote, “The small-minded people who lack the ability to look into a photograph and see depth and soulful expression without being stuck on the things they think need touched up exemplifies one of the issues with society. They show who they are in their judgements.”

What are your thoughts on Gabe Brown’s message to his fans? What do you think about the fans who reacted with insults? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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