‘Bush Boy’ Gabe Brown Licks Teeth In Snowy Thirst Trap

Gabe Brown- Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People, Gabe Brown is one of a kind! He has quite a large personality and his fans love to see his posts on social media. In a recent post, he decided to really show off his crazy side. Gabe enjoys his time outside and recently wanted to share with fans all of the snow they have gotten. In his new photos, fans were shocked to see him reveal quite the thirst trap. Let’s find out what they thought about this new post.

Gabe Brown’s Thirst Trap

In his photo, he is licking his teeth in the show. He is looking directly into the camera as well. Gabe captioned the photo, “Just a bushboy, and his chainsaw.” Of course, he had some fans that told him that he and his chainsaw were a “perfect match.” There were also fans who asked when they would see Gabe and the wolfpack in the next season. Of course, there were plenty of questions that he couldn’t answer due to his NDA with the Discovery Channel. One of his fans wrote to him,” A foot of snow on everything! You are so totally in your element. This will keep you healthy. You have ALWAYS been one with nature. I’m always amazed by you in sleeveless shirts in the snow.”

Gabe Brown- Instagram
Gabe Brown- Instagram

Gabe Brown did get some hate for the eyeliner that he has started to wear, but that didn’t seem to bother him. One fan told him that she was tired of the eyeliner, but she got some hate from others who said, “No way! The eyeliner on him is so hot!” This comment led some fans to believe that this post was a complete thirst trap and Gabe was seeking attention from his thirsty fans. Whatever he was doing in this post clearly worked on a lot of his female fans!

Gabe’s Marriage And Life Outside Of The Show

Alaskan Bush People takes up a lot of Gabe Brown’s time, but what does he do when they are not filming? He is married to Raquell Rose and she is very private. She is in a few of his Instagram photos but tries her best to stay out of the spotlight. That can be tough though. They have children together, but she has chosen to appear on the show very little and keep their children private as well. Raquell feels that fans of the show can be very critical of those on reality television, so she tries her best to stay away from the world of social media. However, she is aware of how much Gabe posts.

Gabe Brown- Instagram
Gabe Brown- Instagram

However, in a recent post, Gabe Brown and Raquell shared that they were going to be doing TikTok videos together! She shared on Instagram, “Here we go, yikes! I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone. So I’m going to try and post more. It’ll be a slow process, but anxiety will no longer control me.”

What do you think of Gabe’s newest photo? Did you think it served as a thirst trap? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more!

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