’ABP’ Raiven Brown Defends Gabe From Sickening Attack

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Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown might be estranged from her husband Bear Brown, but she still won’t stand down when people sickenly attack the Brown family. Raiven just lashed out at trolls online who were once again mocking Gabe Brown. Here is a look at what the trolls were saying and what Raiven had to say in response.

Alaskan Bush People fans mock Gabe Brown online

Raiven Brown remains estranged from her husband, Bear Brown, since the birth of their second child. While Bear traveled to Texas to be with Raiven when she gave birth, he left her to raise the kids alone and returned to Washington. Since then, the two have remained estranged, and Raiven has stopped following him on Instagram. However, she still follows some of Bear’s other family members, including Gabe Brown.

In a recent post, Gabe posted a photo of himself smiling at the camera. The green trees sat behind him, and he looked genuinely happy. This was a nice sight since Gabe seemed to have some depression issues earlier in the year. However, some fans don’t want to let Gabe be happy. Others just like to mock and attack the Alaskan Bush People family out of pure spite. After a few nice comments about how Gabe looked great, the trolls arrived.

Gabe Brown on IG

One fan responded to the post with the comment, “Why the eyeliner?” This seems monotonous since people ask that every single time Gabe posts a photo of himself on social media. It also happens every time Gabe appears on Alaskan Bush People, as he has been using eyeliner for over a year. However, it still seems to make people angry or confused. After the person asked why he was wearing it, some other fans made sickening comments, with one saying he was “transitioning” with a laughing emoji, mocking both Gabe and the trans community in one comment.

Raiven Brown comes to the defense of Gabe

Raiven Brown might be estranged from Bear, but she wouldn’t take the sick comments lying down. She first approached the initial question, asking why anyone would ask the question. Her response was, “The obvious answer is because he wants to lol.” While Gabe has never said why he wears the eyeliner, his wife is into the goth culture, and that is actually a part of that experience.

Noah Brown IG

However, when people began to make rude comments about Gabe, Raiven wouldn’t take that lying down. She wrote that it is weird to think that anyone owes people online an explanation for anything that they do. She said it is weird to pretend they are owed an explanation. “This abusive mentality that you can say whatever you want to people because they’re on the Internet is exactly why this generation is going to have so much trauma It’s sickening,” Raiven wrote. She went on to say that if people can’t grasp that concept, there is no helping them.

What are your thoughts about Raiven Brown coming to Gabe Brown’s defense online? Is it nice to see her sticking up for her family even with her marriage with Bear Brown on the rocks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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