New ‘Attack On Titan’ Art Drops Before The Series Finale

annie leonhart and erin yeager fighting attack on titan
Nick Davis

A new illustration for Attack on Titan is out ahead of the anime’s series finale.

The release of Attack on Titan‘s finale continues to be elusive. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of teasers ahead of the show’s ultimate episode. Thus far, details and sneak peeks of what’s to come have been few and far between. A new piece of artwork just hit the internet, though, and it’s tough to say what it could mean for the show’s future.

New Attack On Titan Art

The new Attack on Titan illustration comes via the official Twitter account of the anime’s Wiki page. It has an interesting style, depicting multiple characters and major moments from the show as the artwork on a tarot-like card. The centerpiece of this AoT tarot card is none other than the stoic Captain Levi.

The artwork also prominently features Commander Erwin. At the top, the card features the legendary battle between Annie Leonhart and Eren Yeager in their Titan forms. The corners of the card show off the symbols of the four major regiments within the walls of Shinganshina. Those symbols being the Cadet Corps, the Garrison, the Military Police, and, of course, the Scouts.

It’s not a piece of artwork that appears to have much to do with the future of the series. It appears to be more of a work that encapsulates some of the best things the show has to offer. The tarot-style artwork is an interesting choice, and several replies to the tweet express interest in seeing an Attack on Titan tarot deck at some point in the future. What would Captain Levi be if this were a real card from a tarot deck? The Hermit?

The Tumultuous Ending Of The Show

Sadly, this new art doesn’t give any teasers as to the finale of Attack on Titan. And a recent statement from the anime’s director makes it seem as though there won’t be any more teasers. There was one very minimalist poster for the series finale recently, but that may be the only thing eager fans get to see before the episode itself arrives. This makes the arduous wait for the fall release window that much more agonizing. But it also may be the right choice for preventing any hints at what may be coming.

The ending of the anime continues to be a point of heated debate. Many fans were unhappy with the ending of the manga and want to see the anime’s ending change as a result. Not teasing anything more from this last episode may be the director’s way of trying to keep anyone from figuring out what’s to come.

attack on titan the final season eren yeager and historia
‘Attack on Titan’ The Final Season

Attack on Titan The Final Season, the finale episode premieres sometime in the fall of this year.

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