‘Attack On Titan’ Lands ‘Yokai Watch’ Collab Amid Series Finale

attack on titan and yokai watch
Nick Davis

Attack on Titan is doing a collaboration with Yokai Watch as the series finale approaches.

Attack on Titan is a very serious show. It definitely has its lighter moments, like the running gag about Sasha and her obsession with bread. Yet, in general, no one is arguing with the idea that the show is dark and covers tense issues. So, it goes without saying that the last collaboration most would expect from an anime like this is something light-hearted and childlike. However, that’s exactly what’s happening with the new combination of Attack on Titan and Yokai Watch.

Attack On Titan x Yokai Watch

The information hit social media recently showing off the promotional photos of the new collab. The artwork that mixes the two properties is as hilarious as it is ridiculous and a little adorable. It turns most of the show’s major characters into chibi ball form and also gives a fantastic crossover piece showcasing the Colossal Titan alongside multiple Yokai Watch characters.

The collaboration is a promotion for the Yokai Watch mobile game. Players in the game will be able to have a number of AoT characters as their in-game avatars. It’s strange, but also a really fun idea, even if the two shows do mix like oil and water. Yet, that odd mix makes the idea of having the avatars from the collab that much more enticing.

Yokai Watch is a huge franchise in Japan that never saw much success in the West. Most of the recent games in the franchise haven’t even reached American shores. The general idea behind the series is about capturing “Yokai”. Yokai are spirits typically based on creatures from Japanese folklore. It’s cutesy, and the similarities with Pokemon have made it a fairly successful IP. There’s just not nearly as much murder, dismemberment, or genocide as there is in Attack on Titan.

The End Of The Series

This collaboration helps AoT as the show builds up to the release of its series finale. More so, the finale is growing closer with each passing month. Fortunately, desperate fans still have to hold on a little longer as the summer is the last barrier before finale time. Many English dub fans are continuing to wait on the long-delayed dub for the show’s second-to-last episode, anyways. There continues to be no word on a potential release date for that dub, and still radio silence on why exactly so much time has passed without the episode arriving on Crunchyroll.

attack on titan ilses notebook
A shot from ‘Attack On Titan: Ilse’s Notebook’

Attack on Titan The Final Season, finale episode will be airing sometime this fall. Finally, will you be watching? Let us know in the comments.

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