‘Attack On Titan’ Gets Strange Censorship In One Country

malaysia flag titan in the wall attack on titan
Nick Davis

The censorship Attack On Titan is receiving in one unexpected country is shocking many fans.

Attack On Titan is a global phenomenon. That wild popularity in every country around the world will obviously lead to some scrutiny. Especially considering the show’s content, from its gruesome devourings to anti-authoritarian and anti-war messages. Possibly the wildest bit of censorship for the show comes from a country in Southeast Asia. Fans in Japan recently took note of the censorship, which is as sad as it is hilarious.

Malaysian Titans

A tweet showcasing the ridiculous censorship of the AoT manga has been going viral on Twitter. It shows the Colossal Titans trampling over thousands during the horrifying rumbling event at the end of the story. Only, there’s something different about these Colossal Titans. They’re wearing… pants?

Yes, the Malaysian government’s censorship of the manga for local release includes putting what looks like yoga booty shorts over every Titan’s genital area. At least, it would be the genital area, if it wasn’t made explicitly clear early on that Titans don’t have those parts. The tweet and its responses are all users laughing at the ludicrous display of censorship. Many in the replies are also sending other panels showcasing these pants being put on every single Titan throughout the manga.

The country is led by a fundamentalist Islamic government. It’s not so authoritarian as a country like Iran, with Malaysia having a decent democratic track record in its parliamentary system, even up to its most recent elections in 2022. So it would seem as though the general public sentiment is in support of certain “lewd content” censorship. If that sounds ridiculous to any citizens of the United States, just know plenty of anime, from Yu-Gi-Oh to Pokemon has been subject to censorship upon reaching American shores.

Attack On Titan Bannings

Attack On Titan is more than just one of the most popular anime in Japan and the West. It’s one of the most popular shows of the last 10 years. But it’s fallen under government intervention in more countries than just Malaysia.

Russia and China have outright banned the popular show. Both countries cite the high levels of blood and violence as reasons for its prohibition. Many outside observers suspect the show’s anti-invasion messages play at least some role in the ban, though. The situation between Marley and Paradis may too closely reflect certain tensions and ongoing conflicts with Russia and Ukraine or China and Taiwan.

hajime isayama comic con
Hajime Isayama, the creator of ‘Attack On Titan’

Attack On Titan The Final Season, the finale episode premieres sometime this fall.

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