Matt James Trolling Fans Over Rocky Relationship?

Matt and Rachel via Insta

The Bachelor Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have been at the center of breakup rumors lately. Fans have been confused about what is going on between them. Now, Matt shared another video that has people talking even more. Did he just debunk the breakup rumors? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Matt James’ new video prove he and Rachael are together?

Matt James posted a video on Instagram that has fans buzzing. Rumors have been flying that he and Rachael have broken up or if not broken up at least are having problems. It appears that he and Rachael are not wanting to discuss the issues if there are any based on the content they are sharing.

The couple has not been together lately although their posts would lead one to believe they have been. Just yesterday, Matt shared a video of Instagram of him and Rachael eating pasta at a restaurant. Fans flocked to the comment section to express relief that these two were together. However, not everything is always as it seems.

Rachael and Matt via Insta

Fans who follow both Matt and Rachael on social media know that she isn’t even in the same city as him currently. Rachael has been posting from the Virgin Islands all week long. She’s enjoying fun in the sun and definitely not in New York bundled in a sweatshirt and eating pasta.

Is Matt just trolling fans so they believe there are no issues between him and Rachael? This isn’t the first video he has shared with her in it in the past week. He also shared a video ad for deodorant that was already filmed as well.

Rachael Pasta via Insta

They do make comments on each other’s posts

Both Rachael and Matt have made comments on each other’s posts. However, the comments have been friendly but definitely not flirty. Perhaps they are both still in a happy relationship. Or maybe the speculation is correct and there are issues. Are they both just throwing fans off so they can deal with their potential issues privately?

Right now nobody really knows the answer. Neither Matt nor Rachael have commented on the rumors that have been surrounding their relationship for the past few weeks.

What is certain is that the video Matt James shared yesterday was not from this week.

What do you think about all the rumors surrounding Matt and Rachael? Do you think they are still happy or are they secretly having issues?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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