Brandon Jones Busted On Video Cheating On Serene

Serene Russell and Brandon Jones via YOuTube

It was the shocking breakup of the year when Bachelor in Paradise couple Brandon Jones and Serene Russell announced their breakup. Neither really spoke out regarding the reasons behind their split. Today, Reality Steve shared a video that could explain everything. The video alleges that Brandon cheated on Serene. Keep reading to find out more and see the video.

Brandon Jones and Serene breakup

BIP alum Brandon Jones has a great reputation and is well-loved in Bachelor Nation. Fans fell in love with him during Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. After enduring heartbreak with her, he moved on to try once again on Bachelor in Paradise. He met Serene Russell and the two of them hit it off immediately.

Brandon and Serene were inseparable so it was no surprise when they got engaged on the season finale last summer. They were obviously full of love for one another and quickly moved in together in San Diego.

Brandon and Serene via Instagram

Things seemed great until they started sharing fewer posts together. Fans began to speculate there was trouble in paradise. However, neither said anything until May 8. On that date, Brandon and Serene issued a joint Instagram statement announcing they ended their engagement and were over.

No real reasons were given and the two have not said much about the split. Seren has been silent on Instagram since the breakup.

Brandon jones and Serene Russell via Instagram

Caught on camera

Today, Reality Steve went to social media and his blog to share shocking details that point toward the reason they split up. Steve shared a video that has apparently been circulating the internet. The video was taken on May 5 just three days before the split was announced. In the video, Brandon can be seen rather close to another woman that is obviously not Serene.

The video was filmed in Austin, Texas at a club called Superstition. Brandon was there with former castmate Will Urena, also from Michelle’s season.  Steve pointed out that on May 5, Brandon shared a first pitch photo. However, that picture was actually taken on May 3. Steve confirmed that Brandon was in Austin and is the one in the video on May 5.

Steve said he tried to reach out to Serene but she has not responded. Sources told him she is aware of and has seen the circulating video.

So far neither Brandon nor Serene have commented on the alleged cheating.

What do you think about it all?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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