‘BIP’ Carly Waddell Drops Truth Bomb On What Really Happened

Carly Waddell

Bachelor in Paradise fave Carly Waddell is dropping some truth bombs ahead of her new album release. The blonde beauty is sharing never before heard information about some behind-the-scenes details of what happened during BIP. Keep reading to find out more about what Carly had to say.

Carly Waddell drops truth bomb

Bachelor Nation shared what Carly Waddell had to say about a few behind-the-scenes details viewers didn’t know happened on Bachelor in Paradise. While looking for love on the beach the first time around during Season 2, Carly had her heart broken. In fact, it is said to be one of the hardest breakups to watch.

Kirk and Carly were together and she believed they were leaving the beach as a couple. However, he dumped her on the last day of filming. When Kirk broke up with her, Carly was blindsided. Of course, fans saw all that. What they didn’t see was the conversation he and she had just twenty before this split happened.

Carly said, “This is a little inside information about the whole Kirk thing. The reason I freaked out, honestly, wasn’t because he was breaking up with me, it was because 20 minutes before that, we were sitting at the pool and he was inviting me back to his house. He was like, ‘I’m so excited for you to see my home,’ and then he broke up with me 20 minutes later. The cameras weren’t on us for the first part, but that’s why I was so confused.”

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She thought it was a joke

Carly revealed that she believed she was being punked. She was not only heartbroken because Kirk dumped her but also because it was messing with her brain since they had just had a totally different conversation a bit earlier.

Ultimately, Carly found out Kirk had a girlfriend back home. She doesn’t know if he broke up with his girl back home to come on the show. However, Carly found relief in knowing there wasn’t something wrong with her specifically to cause him to break up with her.

It was a bad day for her. She did talk to him again after filming ended which is when she learned about the other woman.

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Carly made the choice to go back to the beach the following season which is where she met Evan Bass. They married and had two children. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2021.

What do you think about Carly’s revelation about what happened during Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise?


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