‘BIP’ Carly Waddell Releasing Single Dissing Ex Evan Bass?

Carly Waddell via Insta

Bachelor in Paradise alum Carly Waddell is chasing her dreams and releasing her first single. The new song is officially being dropped on May 1 and fans can head over to her Instagram to pre-save the song and she will send it them first. The first single off Carly’s six-track EP is great but also has fans talking. Many people are wondering if the song is really a big diss on her ex-husband Evan Bass. Keep reading to find out more.

BIP alum Carly Waddell releases first single

On May 1 fans will get to hear the full track of Carly Waddell’s first single. The song titled “Your Friends Like Me More” is a catchy tune with a video featuring a very happy Waddell having a blast with her friends.

However, fans are divided down the middle on the meaning behind the new song. Some feel it is just her having a good time and launching her music career. Others feel that it is a direct diss toward her ex Evan Bass.

The lyrics say, “You’ll miss me when it’s 2 a.m., when you call your friends and I’m out with them. Hope it makes you mad, all those things that you can’t take back. I don’t care who you’re dating now, your friends tell me she’s a big step down. I ain’t keeping score, but you should know your friends like me more.”

So far Carly has not commented on the meaning behind her new single. Evan Bass has also not said a word.

She’s getting a ton of support

While there are many who think she’s being childish if the song is truly about Evan, others are offering her tons of support. One of those supporters is one of her besties Jade Roper Tolbert. She went to the short video on Carly’s Instagram and said, “HELL YEAH!! 🔥🔥🔥” Other Bachelor alums also commented including Tenley Molzahn, Kelley Flanagan and Whitney Bischoff.

Prior to Carly’s Bachelor days, she was a cruise ship singer. Now, she’s chasing her dreams and fans love it.

Carly Waddell Instagram Pic

Carly and Evan

These two met during Bachelor in Paradise. They had a rocky start as Carly just really wasn’t into Evan. However, he was able to win her over and they got engaged in the finale. They went on to get married and have two beautiful children together. Unfortunately, their marriage wasn’t meant to be and the two got divorced.

Now both of them are doing the single-parent life. Evan has stayed out of the social media scene for the most part. Carly still keeps her fans in the loop on her life as a mom and now a singer.

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass via Instagram

Have you checked out her new single yet? Do you think it is really about Evan? Are you excited to hear the other songs on her debut EP?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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