Hannah Godwin Reveals Decision To Dissolve Lip Filler

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Hannah Godwin has owned up to the fact that she got lip filler. Now, she went to social media to share that she decided to have it dissolved. She’s also revealing the reasons behind her decision. What did she have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Godwin Has Lip Filler Dissolved

Hannah Godwin was very open about her decision to have the remaining lip filler she had dissolved. This week she shared a photo of herself at the doctor’s office. She said, “Got my lip filler dissolved (all that was left from years ago lol) a couple of weeks ago because some had migrated above my lip (very normal), which doesn’t look super natural.”

She also said, “Stopped by the ONLY place I trust in San Diego @prevaaesthetics & she does the most natural/stunning work!! Plus she has fun music playing which distracts me from thinking about any needed pokes haha.”

Once the procedure was done she noted she left with pretty lips.

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She’s Always Admitted To Having Her Lips Done

Hannah Godwin has never shied away from saying she had her lips done. Back in 2020, she went to social media to share a video in which she answered fan questions.

She said, “I mean yeah, I’ve had my lips done before. It’s not a giant huge secret. So yes, I’ve had my lips done a few times. Literally the smallest amount ever.” She also said, “I have not had anything else done.”

Hannah still has to defend herself from time to time. After saying before she did not have work done, about a year later she was accused of having a nose job. Once again she adamantly denied it.

Hannah Godwin Doc Office

However, she was also clear to point out that she supports whoever does want to get any kind of cosmetic work done.

Fans rushed in back then to defend her. Hannah and her husband Dylan Barbour remain one of the hottest couples in Bachelor Nation. They tied the knot last year and are loving married life.

They met on Bachelor in Paradise and have been together ever since. Fans love following the couple on social media to what they have been up to.

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Hannah showed an after photo from her day at the doctor and said she had pretty lips that were filler-free.

What do you think about Hannah getting her lip filler removed? Do you think she will eventually get more? Stay tuned for more updates.

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