Hannah Godwin Reveals More Odd ‘Bachelor’ Rules

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Hannah Godwin has extensive experience with the Bachelor franchise. She recently revealed more odd rules contestants must follow. Keep reading for the latest tea.

Did She Take Her Husband’s Name?

After spending years looking for love on reality TV, Hannah Godwin finally met her match. And then she married him. Her first attempt at finding her person was on Season 23 of The Bachelor. She made it to the final three, but Colton Underwood sent Hannah home to pursue Cassie Randolph.

Hannah Godwin returned for Season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise. It was there she met her future husband, Dylan Barbour. However, it took nearly four years for the couple to walk down the aisle. The COVID pandemic postponed their wedding plans several times. They finally wed in August 2023.

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Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin/Credit: Hannah Godwin Instagram

But six months after becoming Mrs. Barbour, Hannah Godwin has yet to change her social media. A follower recently called her out about it on Instagram. “When are you going to update your name on here! & at all your lil interviews for your events this weekend you kept saying ‘Hannah Godwin,'” they wrote.

The follower quickly clarified the question after backlash. They said that Hannah previously mentioned planning to change her name on social media but keeps forgetting. As of publication, the BIP alum’s name on Instagram still says ‘Hannah Godwin.’

Hannah Godwin Reveals More Odd Bachelor Rules

Since her time on reality TV, Hannah Godwin has become a successful businesswoman. She was even honored with a feature with Forbes magazine recently. However, she still gets a ton of questions from fans about The Bachelor.

One fan recently asked whether the contestants can use their phones during flights to overseas filming locations. Hannah Godwin shared some interesting information about overseas trips, including where the contestants and lead sit on an airplane.

BIP Hannah Godwin Dylan Barbour
BIP Hannah Godwin Dylan Barbour

But she wasn’t done spilling the tea about what it’s like to be a contestant on the franchise. Hannah filmed another TikTok video to answer more questions. She revealed that contestants are not allowed to use their phones to keep busy during long flights. In fact, they can’t use them at all during their time on the reality show. According to Hannah, the phones are confiscated and kept in envelopes.

They can, however, watch movies during flights.


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Sleeping accommodations depended on where they were staying. If the show rented a house, contestants would rush to claim a room. However, hotel rooms would usually have single beds, which were also quickly claimed.

Hannah Godwin also revealed how the show keeps the drama on-screen. She spilled that contestants were discouraged from discussing any issues unless cameras were filming.

If Hannah Godwin continues answering questions about the show, what would you ask her? Share your questions in the comments.

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