Carly Waddell Shares Daughter Bella’s Health Scare

Carly Waddell via YouTube

Carly Waddell hasn’t been too vocal lately on social media. She hasn’t had any big news to share. Today that changed. She went to Instagram to share a scary health story involving her daughter Bella. Keep reading to find out exactly what happened to this adorable toddler.

Carly Waddell shares daughter’s health scare

Bachelor in Paradise alum Carly Waddell went to Instagram today to share a video and story about her daughter Bella. The one-minute video featured Carly and Bella. She hasn’t talked about what happened until now. Basically, two weeks ago Bella had to undergo a major dental procedure.

In the video, Carly asked Bella to show everyone her “treasures.” Bella opened her mouth wide to reveal silver caps. She then asked Bella how many she has. Bella replied, “eight.”

Carly captioned the video as well. She said, “Here’s something I haven’t talked about. Bella had to go under anesthesia for a pretty big dental procedure two weeks ago. I honestly just felt like the worst mom ever. Bella has been obsessed with brushing her teeth basically her whole life and her first time at the dentist we got the news she had cavities in every molar and holes in her four canines, and she had to get two nerve treatments.”

Carly Waddell Instagram Pic
Carly Waddell Instagram Pic

In the video, Carly revealed one reason it could have happened is that Bella has soft teeth. She also said while they brush their teeth a lot, Bella was not flossing as she should.

Carly also shared that it was scary with Bella under anesthesia. She said, “It was just really sad, she didn’t come out from going under well, and honestly it just replays in my mind how sad it was. We are so lucky we could save her teeth and we call them her treasures. And we are so lucky she is healthy in every other day. I’m sure you will be seeing flashes of her treasures when she smiles those big smiles we all love her for. Just thought I would give the update since I haven’t been as present on socials lately 😘.”

Carly’s living life

As far as fans know, Carly is busy raising her two children. Of course, fans know she and Evan Bass divorced. There were many rumors surrounding their split. Perhaps nobody will ever know exactly what happened. She seems to be doing well and doing great as a single mom.

What do you think about Bella’s “treasures?” Have you experienced anything like this within your own family?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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