‘Attack On Titan’ Reveals A New Colossal Armin

armin attack on titan season 4
Nick Davis

A new Attack On Titan figure shows off one of the anime’s smartest characters in his colossal state.

Everybody has their opinion on which Titan in Attack On Titan is the best. There isn’t necessarily a wrong answer, although there might be some second glances toward anyone who prefers the Cart Titan. Almost certainly the most intimidating, and perhaps the most iconic, is the Colossal Titan. The most recent wielder of the Colossal Titan’s power is Armin, who, perhaps poetically, often feels like the smallest character in the show. Now, there’s a figure coming to show Armin in his Colossal form in all of its gross and gory detail.

Colossal Armin

The Colossal Titan Armin figure is coming via GoodSmile and accompanies a rerelease of an Eren Yeager Attack Titan figure. Having all of The Nine as figures would certainly be a sight to behold.

The Colossal Titan is the first Titan viewers ever really see in action at the beginning of the anime. The moment it peeks above the outer wall is the moment the show truly reveals itself as the terror that it is. So a figure like this holds a special place in the minds of fans, even if it is Armin’s Colossal Titan form and not Bertholdt.

Armin has had the power of the Colossal Titan in the show for some time now. However, he’s extremely considerate as to when he actually uses his power. This is due to the fact that he’s aware of the sheer destructive force of his transformations as much as it is because he knows there are certain vulnerabilities that come with transforming into something of that size. Armin is the best strategist of Attack On Titan, after all.

Attack On Titan

The end of Attack On Titan remains close by but also mysteriously elusive. Fans have known for some time now that the end of the show would come sometime in 2023. At the beginning of March, Part 3 of Season 4 finally came out to get viewers a whole hour closer to the finale of the show. Still, the exact date on when fans can expect the series finale remains out of sight. Thankfully there is a release window, which comes with the sad knowledge that there won’t be any new content from the show for at least 5 months. Possibly longer.

At least the show will finally have its conclusion before the year is over. Until then, all fans have to hold onto are things like this Colossal Titan Armin figure. Shinzo wo sasageyo.

armin colossal titan transformation attack on titan
Armin after transforming into the Colossal Titan in ‘Attack On Titan’

The series finale for Attack On Titan is arriving sometime in the fall of this year. Will you miss it when it is over? Let us know your thoughts.

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