‘Bachelor’ Arie & Lauren Luyendyk Looking To Adopt Child?

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The Bachelor Arie and Lauren Luyendyk Jr. are opening up about their future plans for children. Does that include adoption? The couple has three children of their own already. What are they saying about this possibility of expanding their family even more? Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor Arie and Lauren Luyendyk talk expanding their family

Former Bachelor Arie and Lauren Luyendyk have their hands full with three little ones at the moment. They currently have Alessi, 3, and twins Senna and Lux, both 1. They had pretty much decided three was enough when Arie opted to get a vasectomy after the twin’s birth. However, now, things may have changed.

OK! shared what this fan-fave couple had to say about the possibility of having more children in the future. If they do decide to expand their family it will not be by reversing Arie’s vasectomy. They said, “I mean, our shop is closed, but we’ve considered adoption in the future. But we’re definitely not going to have any more biological children of our own!”

Arie and Lauren went on to share that adoption is something they are completely open to. Currently, they are both content with their family of five. However, if in the future they want to add another child they will definitely look towards adoption.

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Lauren said, “I think any twin parent can probably relate, but it’s really difficult because it just happens all at once. Although the babies are almost 2, I feel like we got to a place where we can breathe a little, and then we started DUO, which is typical of us. We always bite off way more than we can chew.”

So, while they are not looking to have another baby right now, Arie and Lauren are not ruling it out for the future.

DUO is a new app that the couple is launching that will help couples have unforgettable experiences with each other.

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How they keep their relationship running smoothly

Arie and Lauren also talked about their relationship and how they make it all run so smoothly. They both agree that communication is key to any marriage. They also dished that it’s important to date and make time for each other.

Having three children is hard work but they are managing just fine. Lauren shared they have the kids on a schedule and everything runs smoothly. Having structure works for them and allows them to get other things done.

Plus, Arie and Lauren make it a point to work together as a team.

A man with his wife and three kids

Lauren is grateful for the life she has built with Arie. She recently said, “It’s just funny how it seemed like a dream back then and now I’ve found him and we’ve built this beautiful life together with our babies. I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of manifesting things you want to see in existence, but it’s still so wild looking back once those things have come true. Waking up with an extra grateful heart today.”

Arie and Lauren have built a great life together and fans continue to love following their journey.

What do you think about Arie and Lauren thinking about adoption in the future?

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