‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Discovers Another Ancient Artifact

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The Curse of Oak Island has made a ton of progress this season. They have dug far underground for the first time and might have found underground caverns. The team got back into the swamp for the first time since last year. They also have discovered more at the Money Pit.

In the most recent episode, they found another ancient artifact. This one might have a connection to ancient Rome.

Curse of Oak Island finds possible Roman artifact

The team from Curse of Oak Island has found quite a few interesting things on the island this season. In the last episode, Gary Drayton and Jack Begley took the metal detector out and discovered a huge find. They found an artifact that might date back to ancient Rome and could lead to more speculation about who was on the island so many years in the past.

The artifact was a circular-shaped coin that was made of lead. It had two holes in the middle of the coin and what looked like ornate scalloping around the sides. According to Gary, it might have been a trade token used thousands of years ago. Emma Culligan, the archeo-metallurgist, placed it in the XRD (X-ray diffraction analysis) scanner.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

According to Emma, it looks like the coin came from either Iran or Sardinia – which is off the coast of Italy. She also said the lead was pure, which meant this was a very old find for the team. With the thought of ancient Rome, Emma said ancient Rome used mines in Sardinia.

Last week, Italian researcher Emiliano Sacchetti spoke to the team and talked about Ralph de Sudeley. He was a 12-Century Templar Knight who Sacchetti thinks might have looted treasures from Jerusalem and taken them to North America.

Who is Ralph de Sudeley from Curse of Oak Island?

This is not the first time that Ralph de Sudeley’s name has come up on The Curse of Oak Island. Way back in Season 6, the team spoke about this Templar and what he might have to do with the island itself.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube

88-year-old researcher Zena Halpern passed away around that season, and Rick Lagina mourned her loss as she introduced the team to documents in Season 4 about the Knights Templar and their possible connection to Oak Island. At the core of Zena’s research was the Cremona Document.

This was discovered in a church in the 1970s in Italy and had a collection of maps, ciphers, and journal entries. It is believed that 12th Century Templar knight Ralph de Sudeley partially authored them. This was when the team began to think he brought the looted treasure to Oak Island.

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  1. When the lead coin was said to have two holes, I thought of a button. Have enjoyed and watched the show regularly. This is living the dream that many of us have, but few get to do it.

    1. Did you notice that sometimes the lead token is shown w 2 holes and other times is shown w one hole? Are there two separate tokens? Seemed odd that nobody noted that on the show.

  2. Watched for ten years.. loved it but now just watch.. too much empty time and revisits. 5 minutes of value in 40 minute show..

    1. Yes that has been a disappointment…too much recap and filler. But still I feel compelled somehow to watch! LOL

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