Bachelor Nation Takes On LA & Nashville As Two Groups Reunite

Bachelor Nation, YouTube

Ashley Iaconetti had a special reunion with some of her fellow Bachelor stars while Andrew Spencer got a bit tipsy. Bachelor Nation has a way of forming lifelong friendships some of the best relationships that come out of the shows are the bromances and BFFs.

Recently Ashley shared she got to spend some time with Tia Booth, Krystal Nielson, Carly Waddell, Kelley Flanagan, and Catherine Giudici Lowe. She and Jared Haibon, her husband, went to a retreat over the weekend with their agent in Nashville.

Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconnetti, Instagram
Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconnetti, Instagram

Carly, Krystal, and Tia all went to the beach like Ashley. Kelley Flanagan was on Peter Weber’s season and is now dating him for the second time despite being eliminated from the show. Catherine who won Sean Lowe’s season and Krystal Nielson along with Ashley and Jared shared an agent with all of the ladies at the retreat. On Instagram, Ashley shared how it felt to spend time with those ladies.

Ashley Iaconetti Says That Bachelor Nation Is Special

On her Instagram, Ashley Iaconetti said that even if she doesn’t see her BN family for a long time, they are comfortable when they get together. She said they’re tightly bonded through shared experiences.

Bachelor Nation, Instagram
Bachelor Nation, Instagram

Iaconetti now thinks she might have enjoyed a sorority in college after the bond she shares with the other ladies. According to Bachelor Nation, she said, “It’s very much like a fraternity or sorority, which I never thought I wanted to be part of in college.”

She says it could have been a good fit after all. On Instagram, she said she and Jared’s son Dawson loved the attention he received from all their friends. They gabbed about girl things, and checked out cowboy boots then Jared coached them as they bowled.

Boys Will Be Boys In LA

In LA some of The Bachelorette’s finest including Justin Glaze, Nayte Olukoya, Rodney Matthews, and Andrew Spencer got together for some shenanigans. They do this a lot and most recently had a video with Clayton Echard where they went around the circle rhyming. Justin, Rodney, and Andrew are all from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Nayte won Michelle Young’s season.

In this video, they went to a Taiwanese restaurant according to Bachelor Nation. Andrew holding a drink mouths the voiceover saying, “Can I make a confession right now? I am tipsy!” Justin picks up the audio from there and mouths, “Can I tell you something? B*tch so am I! Lit!” The rest of the crew clinked glasses with them as they all died laughing.

Fans love the content that comes from these two groups getting together outside of reality television. Personalities always seem to come through better after The Bachelorette and The Bachelor when they can just be themselves. They have all made lifelong friends they will forever enjoy spending time with.


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