‘Bachelor Nation’ Tia Booth Details Son Tatum’s Birth

Tia Booth, YouTube

Now that Tia Booth has had four weeks with her new baby Tatum Booth Mock, she’s telling her birth story in detail. Tia and her fiancé Taylor Mock’s baby entered the world at 6:13 am on December 6th. Tia first came on the scene during   Arie Luyendyk’s season. She briefly dated Colton Underwood in Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise and returned for Season 7, but was unlucky in love once again.

She begin dating Taylor in 2021 and they’ve been engaged since April. Both parents are over the moon with their new little one. Tia has been posting videos and pictures since they brought him home. She took to Instagram to tell the whole birth story.

Tia Booth Didn’t Know Her Water Had Broken

Tia Booth said in her Instagram post that her water broke on the 4th but there wasn’t a lot, so she didn’t know it had happened. When she called the nurse the next day they told her to go to the ER. She hadn’t packed her bags yet, so she had to do that, and thought once they got to the ER they’d be sent home.

Surprisingly they were admitted and prepared for the arrival. The initial labor went slowly, but since her water had broken over twelve hours earlier, they induced her with Pitocin. Tia said, “I made it through maybe 8 brutal contractions before I asked for the epidural.”

Tia Booth, TikTok
Tia Booth, TikTok

Tia had two rounds of the epidural before it took. She dilated to a 9 at about four in the morning after trying lots of different positions at her nurse’s instructions.

She Ran Out Of Energy After A Long Labor

Tia Booth tried to eat broth but threw it up and had to take Zofran. After that, it was time to push. She pushed for a little over an hour before Tatum made his debut. Booth shared it was just her, Taylor, and the nurse most of the time. She described it as, “peaceful and calm,” aside from the pushing.

In a video on Instagram, Tia shared Tatum had done his first podcast. He’d gone with her to do an episode of Clickbait. Her lactation specialist said he had a tongue tie, cheek ties, and a lip tie. Tia will be going to a dentist to address these issues. Tia will continue sharing her journey as a new mom with her followers, and they are eager to interact with her. Several shared their own birth stories with her.

Tia Booth, Instagram
Tia Booth, Instagram

One fan said, “He is absolutely precious momma and you did an amazing job bringing that sweet boy into this world.” In an interview with Bachelor Nation Tia and Tyler were asked what they wanted to teach their son.

Tia and Taylor said they want to teach their son humility She said we want him to be, “a good person over anything.” Taylor agreed and said he also wanted him to be a good role model. What do you think about Tia’s birth story? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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