Andrew Spencer Would Have Skipped ‘BIP’ For Teddi Wright


On a recent episode of The Ben and Ashley, Andrew Spencer revealed he would have skipped Paradise to try things with Teddi Wright. Ashley Iaconetti was joined by guest cohost, Justin Glaze to ask Spencer about how things went down.

During the show, it seemed Andrew and Teddi were going to go the distance. Their first date was really cute and they appeared to be one of the stronger couples. However, when Rodney Mathews showed up, their relationship started to crumble. Teddi had expressed to Ashley that when she and Jared Haibon visited the beach, something felt off between her and Andrew. Once Rodney came and wanted to talk to her, she realized Andrew wasn’t the one for her and left the beach.

During the podcast, Andrew agreed something was off between them. He thought it started long before Paradise. Andrew shared he had reached out to Teddi on New Year’s Eve before the show started.

Andrew Spencer Said He Would Have Skipped Paradise

When Andrew Spencer texted Teddi, he told her he looked forward to their paths crossing. Teddi’s response to his message was so positive, he wanted to start talking to her then. Andrew could see himself skipping Bachelor in Paradise to see if they would work out.

Andrew Spencer, YouTube
Andrew Spencer, YouTube

Once they were both confirmed to be going on the show the pressure began. The fandom started to ship them together and then the podcasts also started talking about them as a couple. Andrew told Ashley It was the producers who put the most pressure on him.

Teddi Texted Him Before Paradise

Teddi texted Andrew before going to the beach and let him know while people were shipping them, she wanted him to talk to other girls.  Andrew now thinks maybe that should have been a sign things wouldn’t be a fairy tale when they were finally together.


Andrew Spencer, YouTube
Andrew Spencer, YouTube.                                                    

Andrew revealed where things went wrong in his mind. He thinks he messed up with Teddi by looking for the big moments. After she left the beach he, “started remembering all the little things which were great.” Andrew put pressure on the two of them to find the big romantic moments. Teddi, meanwhile,  just wanted to talk about her family and real things to get to know each other.

He Didn’t Feel Like He Was Being Himself

Andrew Spencer reflected and believes he wasn’t really being himself with Teddi, and he thinks that’s why they didn’t work out. Teddi carried most of the conversations between them. Justin chimed in and said he noticed it. He said, “you weren’t being fun, Andrew.”

Andrew decided he was ready to go when she left, but the boys told him to stay and not give up. The producers made him feel like someone would have to go home if he didn’t stay and give out a rose. His heart wasn’t in it anymore and he just wanted to go home.

Now, Andrew is ready to meet someone organically and not focus on the big romantic moments. How do you feel about Andrew’s take on his relationship with Teddi? Comment with your thoughts below.

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