Peter Weber, Kelley Flanagan Dish On Rekindling Romance

Kelley Flanagan, YouTube

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber are back together and talking about rekindling their love with Kelley saying she’s genuinely happy. Peter met Kelley before his season ever started. They ran into each other by chance when he was at a reunion after-party and she was at a wedding. The couple hit it off and she decided to try to win him over. This drew some heat from the other women that she had an unfair advantage.

She did make it to the final four with Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Fuller, and Madison Prewett. When she exited, she gained favor from Bachelor Nation by saying if he wanted to be with a little girl instead of a woman he could have at it. Peter who almost left the show to be with Hannah Brown who visited, proposed to Hannah but then decided he wanted Madison instead. After that relationship fell apart he and Kelley came together again.

Kelley Flanagan Did Not Take The Breakup Well

When Kelley Flanagan and Peter broke up she didn’t hold back from talking about it. She said with Peter it was just fun and games. Kelley didn’t look up to him the way she hoped she’d look up to her husband. After that, both of them went on podcasts and did interviews about the breakup. Kelley said she didn’t look back on her ex with favor, and there was shade thrown on Instagram and other social media.

Seems she’s able to let whatever happened between them go as she posted the below picture on Instagram. Even she seemed in disbelief with the caption, “who would’ve thought, cuz not me.”

Kelley Flanagan, Instagram
Kelley Flanagan, Instagram

They’re Keeping It Private This Time, Sort Of

Despite giving an interview to Us Weekly, Peter and Kelley Flanagan say they have the luxury of keeping it to themselves a bit more this time. The first time they got together Kelley said it was hard being in the spotlight because they were just hanging out as friends and the media tried putting them together.

Kelley Flanagan, TikTok
Kelley Flanagan, TikTok

Eventually, she said, it caused a spark. Then they broke up. This time they are hoping is forever. Peter said, “I think we’re both enjoying how it’s been the second time around and things happen for a reason.” He also said he is very happy. They look happy on Instagram with Kelley posting about their shared love of Pickleball.

Kelley said there isn’t pressure like there was when they came off the show. As for what Peter’s opinionated mother Barb thinks about it, Peter said his parents love it. What do you think about Peter and Kelley together again? Do you think it will last? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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