‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Parting Stone Solidified Remains

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Shark Tank is back this week with a new episode and the creators of the Parting Stone Solidified Remains are trying to find investors. These are very different for Shark Tank as they exist to help grieving family members after the loss of a loved one. The creators hope the sharks will come on board their venture.

Here is a look at Parting Stone Solidified Remains and where you can buy them.

What are Parting Stone Solidified Remains on Shark Tank?

Parting Stone is a Public Benefit Corporation that hopes to transform how people remember and cherish their loved ones after they pass. This is an alternative to conventional ash and takes the form of solidified remains. Justin Crowe of Santa Fe, New Mexico started the business, which ended up catching the attention of cremation organizations around the country.

This is a company that takes the ashes of a deceased individual and turned them into the shape of stones. Instead of putting ashes in an urn, they now become something a person can carry in their pocket or place on a shelf to remind them of the loved one they lost.

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Since starting the business, the company grew from two employees in a 100-square-foot room to 23 employees in an 8,000-square-foot laboratory. Justin said people laughed at him when he was starting up. However, now he offers his services at over 500 funeral homes nationwide. He has completed over 3,000 solidifications of humans, cats, and dogs.

He also gained a huge investment from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Arrowhead Innovation Fund, and New Mexico Angels in the amount of $2 million.

According to Justin, he got the idea for this venture when his grandfather died in 2014. He spoke to people about his loss and more and more people talking about living with their loved one’s ashes in their homes. He wondered if it might be a nicer memory if someone had a decorative stone made out of the ashes rather than an urn of ashes.

The process starts with removing contaminants such as medical implants, staples, and screws from the remains and gently refining the remains into powder. Using a small amount of binder, he creates a clay-like substance. He then compresses it and places it into a kiln for solidification.

Where to buy Parting Stone Solidified Remains from Shark Tank

Anyone who wants to learn more about Parting Stones after seeing them on Shark Tank, visit the website at partingstone.com. They offer services for both people and pets.

For people, they offer the service at a cost of $2,495. Plus, it has a satisfaction guarantee where they will return it to ash if a person is not happy with what they receive. For pets, a dog’s remains can be returned into a Parting Stone for $995 and cats for $795. They also have offers for rodents, birds, rabbits, reptiles, horses, and fish.

What did you think of Parting Stone Solidified Remains on Shark Tank this week? Were they worth the investment from the sharks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I’m so interested in this. Please send me information. My so has been cremated and I haven’t his ashes but would love the stones.

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