‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Bash Recent Gameplay & Competition

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Jeopardy! fans are not happy with the recent gameplay lately. On Friday, returning champion Amar Kakirde took on two new contestants, and many fans feel that the new competitors didn’t offer up much of a challenge. They even went as far as to say the challengers “fumbled hard” in the competition.

Here is a look at what happened on Friday’s show and why it was a tough episode for fans to watch.

Jeopardy! Challengers ‘Fumble’ Hard On Recent Episode

Returning Jeopardy! champion Amar Kakirde took on two new contestants on Friday: Anna Marie Cunningham and Has Karbalai. However, this ended up being no real competition for Amar, who moved on thanks to the perceived poor play from his challengers.

Why does Grant DeYoung sit when his opponents all stand? - Jeopardy!

Amar showed up on Wednesday and beat Chris D’Amico to become the new champion. After Friday’s game, Amar was still champion and this was because the challengers “fumbled” the competition.

Anna Marie Cunningham is a market research account manager from Sellersville, Pennsylvania. Has Karbalai is a public health advisor from Calgary, Alberta. Amar Kakirde is a graduate student from Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. Amar was a two-day champion with $24,599 in winnings.

The Final Jeopardy! clue was in literature. “Preserved in a single manuscript called Cotton MS Vitellius A XV, this epic begins with the word “Hwæt”, often translated as listen.”

Anna Marie missed it and lost all her money. Has got it right, but his gamble only finished him with $10,799. Amar got it right and added $1,500 to his total to win with $15,300. The answer was “Beowulf.”

Fans Feel Amar Has Gotten It Easy On Jeopardy!

With his third win, Amar has won $41,399 on Jeopardy!. However, there are many fans who believe that he would be eliminated if the competition was better. There are several who feel Amar has gotten lucky so far.

On Friday’s episode alone, there were two questions no one knew the answers to and both had to do with music. One was about the Vermont band Phish and the other asked who Van Halen’s former lead singer was who returned in 2007. The answer to that was David Lee Roth, and Anna Marie guessed Sam Kinison (she probably meant Sammy Hagar). Another answer was Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam’s lead singer).

Fans bashed the recent competition on Jeopardy!

  • “Amar lucky his opponents fumble real hard”
  • “Truly painful watching them stumble over David Lee Roth so vastly incorrectly”
  • “for all the criticism that the masters tournament gets, at least they know how to play fast. this was so slow and so painful to watch”
  • “what’s up with the last like six weeks of the show? It’s like they just bring in new players off the street.”

Amar will go on and try to win his fourth game. It remains to be seen if the competition is any better.

What do you think of the Jeopardy! gameplay lately? Are the contestants getting worse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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