Kevin Costner On What It Would Take To Return To ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner on Yellowstone | YouTube

While it seemed like Kevin Costner was finished with Yellowstone, there might still be a chance for him to return. Costner left the series when he couldn’t agree on terms, which could mean that his character of John Dutton was finished. However, there is now a slight chance he could return for the final episodes.

Costner revealed what he wants to return to finish the series.

Kevin Costner On His Demands To Return To Yellowstone

When Kevin Costner left Yellowstone, there were bad feelings on both sides. Costner felt the production was lowballing him, keeping him waiting to start filming and interfering with the movie he was directing. Taylor Sheridan felt that Costner got lawyers involved, and they couldn’t work anything out as a result.

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone / YouTube
Kevin Costner in Yellowstone / YouTube

However, now that Costner’s western movie is in theaters, he has said there is a chance he could return to Yellowstone. However, it would take a few concessions from Taylor Sheridan and the show’s producers.

“If I like the story [and] where it was going, I would go back,” Costner said. Costner also emphasized that he never left Yellowstone to make Horizon. He said, “I did everything that I was contracted to do with Yellowstone.” However, there are still several episodes to film before the show ends.

Ultimately, Costner would return as John Dutton if they could agree on his pay and if he received a script that he liked.

Yellowstone Wants Kevin Costner Back As Well

According to reports, the final episodes have started filming, but the production is still “revising” scripts to open the potential to write John Dutton into the series’ final episodes. According to one insider (via Us Weekly), “Show producers have also shifted their perspective, acknowledging that they might need to bring him back to achieve some resolution.”

This means they are working out a way to do it without him but would prefer to bring Costner back and finish the story with him. “There’s a void in the story without him,” the insider finished.

This comes after Costner blamed Yellowstone producers for causing the problems. “I have taken a beating from those f–king guys and I know a lot of times where it’s coming from,” Costner previously said. “I just elected not to get into that.”

Costner also said that he did what they wanted, left when they asked him to, and then worked hard to help them get what they needed. However, he said that the lack of completed scripts delayed things. Costner said he never put his movie above Yellowstone but couldn’t sit around and keep waiting.

What are your thoughts on the Kevin Coster and Yellowstone mess? Do you want to see him back as John Dutton to finish the story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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