‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Honors The Late Dabney Coleman

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There have been many tributes to Dabney Coleman, since his death on Friday. That includes Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. The late Coleman’s final performance was as John Dutton I on the hit Paramount Western. What did the creator of the series say about the late Tootsie star?

Dabney Coleman - Yellowstone YouTube
Dabney Coleman – Yellowstone YouTube

Taylor Sheridan Pays Tribute To The Late Great  Dabney Coleman

On Saturday, Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan shared a heartfelt tribute to Dabney Coleman. Not only was Coleman’s final scene as an actor in Sheridan’s epic Western series, but the late actor was instrumental in the prolific showrunner’s career in his early days. Sheridan told Deadline how important Coleman was to him. 

I had the opportunity to work with Dabney in 2003 and learned priceless lessons in the power of simplicity as an artist, but more importantly, I witnessed Dabney’s humility, grace, and patience (with my 10,000 questions).

Sheridan went on to share how influential Coleman was to him. Moreover, he was honored to include the late actor in an episode of his epic series. “I never forgot those lessons, and was humbled myself when he agreed to appear on Yellowstone. His performance was yet another lesson in bravery and emotional honesty.”

Lastly, he paid tribute to the actor who died at the age of 92. “Dabney Coleman is a treasure. He will be missed and admired, always.”

Taylor Sheridan talks about Kevin Costner Yellowstone - YouTube
Taylor Sheridan talks about Kevin Costner Yellowstone – YouTube

Important Dutton Father-Son Flashback Is Cornerstone of Yellowstone

Although the late Dabney Coleman was only in one episode of Yellowstone, his scene with Kevin Costner has remained the cornerstone of the Paramount series. This is the conversation that is at the core of Costner’s character’s values. Costner has starred in some pretty memorable father-son scenes, but nothing matches this one. This is described as a “pivotal plot point.”

Coleman, who portrayed John Dutton Sr., made his son promise he would not ever sell the Dutton Ranch, even though it was the biggest ranch in America. This conversation was so powerful that Costner’s Dutton didn’t dare even sell off even a foot of land. This was a promise that the younger Dutton was never going to break. Therefore, from that time, he was not afraid to do anything to protect the Dutton Ranch.

Coleman died on May 16 at his Santa Monica home. He starred in such classic movies as 9 to 5, On Golden Pond, and WarGames. Coleman was known to play villainous, smarmy characters, and seemed to relish these roles. He was nominated many times for an Emmy and won once. In addition, he won a Golden Globe Award. In 2014, he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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Yellowstone fans, do you remember this final farewell scene with the late Dabney Coleman and Kevin Costner?

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