What Soaps Will Air On Memorial Day This Year?

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Memorial Day is a United States holiday, and that means there are a lot of things that change in the country that day. It is a bank holiday with different businesses closed. It is also a day when people are off from work, so the television shows will also end up changing in many cases. This includes soap operas.

Here is a look at which soaps will air on Memorial Day 2024.

What Soaps Air On Memorial Day 2024?

Memorial Day 2024 is on Monday, May 27. The day celebrates and honors the United States military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It used to take place on May 30 every year until 1971. That year, it changed to the last Monday of May to also signal the start of summer.

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This year, there will be changes in the television schedule, and this includes soap operas. Here are the changes.

General Hospital

General Hospital will not air this year on Memorial Day 2024. This allows fans of the ABC soap opera to spend time with friends and family and even go out for a nice day outdoors on the holiday.

Fans of General Hospital will have to wait to see what happens when Cody rescues Sasha from Dr. Montague and the results from Sonny banishing Gladys from Port Charles. Also on tap are Spencer and Trina on vacation in New York and Charlotte acting suspiciously.

The Bold & The Beautiful

The Bold & The Beautiful, on the other hand, will air a new episode on Memorial Day. This soap will see the fallout from Deacon and Sheila’s wedding, as it threatens to destroy Finn and Steffy’s marriage. This is because when Finn agrees to stay for the wedding, it leaves Liam and Steffy concerned.

With Tom (Clint Howard) officiating the wedding, the Deacon and Sheila seemed more than willing to make Finn as uncomfortable as possible. Finn has said he won’t let his mother manipulate him, but this wedding showed otherwise.

Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives had nothing to worry about when it came to preemptions for things like Memorial Day. That is because Days moved from regular network television to streaming on Peacock. With it on streaming, there is no reason to worry about it needing to take any days off.

Paul Telfer as Xander Cook/Credit: 'Days of Our Lives' YouTube

Days of Our Lives will air on Monday. For fans of this soap, Ava and Harris are looking for Clyde while Xander and Sarah are planning a surprise for Maggie. However, the biggest cliffhanger came with Nicole. The doorbell rings and Eric is there holding Jude and tells her that their baby never died and hands her to his mother.

The Young & The Restless

Just like The Bold & the BeautifulThe Young & The Restless will also air a new episode on Memorial Day. Fans will want to tune in to see more about Jordan, who Victor has been holding captive, and what will happen with her.

What do you plan on doing on Memorial Day 2024? Will you be at home to watch soap operas? Let us know in the comments below.

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