‘Shark Tank’ Season 14, Episode 15 Not Airing This Week, Why?

Shark Tank/ABC/Instagram

Fans of ABC’s Shark Tank gearing up with excitement to watch Season 14, Episode 15 are in for a world of disappointment as a new episode is NOT airing this week. Per any TV guide or Google’s summary of Season 14’s episodes, there will NOT be a new episode of Shark Tank. This comes as a massive bummer to fans of the innovative reality TV series. Naturally, fans just have two big questions.

First, why is Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 15 not airing this week? And, when can fans of the ABC series expect Episode 15 to drop? Fortunately, a schedule of when fans can expect a new episode to air is available. Keep scrolling for all the answers.

Shark Tank/ABC/Instagram
Shark Tank/ABC/Instagram

Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 15 not airing this week, why?

Unfortunately, the network didn’t really give a reason why Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 15 isn’t airing this week. Fortunately, it appears as if the ABC series is only on a very brief break. The schedule confirms a new episode will air next week on March 3rd during its normal time slot. Fans speculate Presidents Day may have created an issue with the show’s schedule or the network’s schedule causing the break in the release of new episodes to air.

Surprisingly, an episode of The Mandalorian is airing in place of Shark Tank. This comes as a surprise to some as the series was believed by many to be a Disney+ exclusive. It, however, might be a promotion tactic as the Season 3 Premiere of Mandalorian drops into the Disney+ streaming library on March 1st. So, the network could be airing an episode to promote the new season by introducing it to a different audience.

the mandalorian din djarin and grogu
Din Djarin (AKA ‘The Mandalorian) and Grogu. The main characters of the show.

What products will be featured next week?

It appears as if four different products will be featured next week. The episode synopsis also promises an update on a product called, Foam Party Hats.

Eat Your Flower

Eat Your Flower is the name of an edible flower food business founded by Loria Stern. The business sells a variety of treats all made using edible flowers and botanicals.

Youth Foria

Youth Foria is the name of a cosmetic brand. The brand boasts of being “clean and sustainable” by doubling as a skincare product. This brand of makeup is gentle enough that the wearer can sleep with it on and wake up with improved skin.


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Surf Band Pro

Surf Band Pro, created by Greg Demirjian, promises to alter the perception of sunscreen, sanitizer, and mosquito repellant.

Big Mouth

Big Mouth is the name of a new kind of toothbrush crafted by Dr. Bobbi Peterson. The toothbrush was created under the idea that “bigger is better.” And, it is part of a full line of innovative dental products.

Were you looking forward to watching a new episode tonight? Are you bummed Shark Tank Season 14, Episode 15 didn’t air this week? Let us know in the comments down below!

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