‘M*A*S*H’ Judy Farrell, Nurse Able, Dead At 84: Cause Of Death

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Sad news first reported yesterday: Judy Farrell, best known as Nurse Able from the hit TV series M*A*S*H has been confirmed dead at the age of 84. 

Per TMZ, actress Judy Farrell was confirmed dead at the age of 84 yesterday. Best known for her role as Nurse Able in M*A*S*H, the actress passed away this past weekend and news of her death began to circulate yesterday. Now, that a little time has passed, fans of M*A*S*H are wondering what her cause of death was.

Judy Farrell Dead At 84: Cause Of Death

The 84-year-old’s son, Michael, confirmed to TMZ that his mother passed away over the weekend. She died on Sunday, April 2nd. Michael reveals that his mother was in the hospital after suffering a stroke just nine days prior. Judy was awake, alert, and able to squeeze and embrace her loved ones during her final days in the hospital. Sadly, however, she was unable to speak because of the stroke.

Loretta Swit, who had the pleasure of working with July on M*A*S*H issued a statement to EW about this heartbreaking news.

“Judy was a most beautiful woman — inside and out. We grew up together. She was family. This has been a painful loss, but we will always have the beauty of her memory. Rest in peace, Nurse Able.”

Many other celebrities who had the pleasure of working with her and fans of M*A*S*H took to social media to say goodbye to Nurse Able.

She Played Nurse Able In M*A*S*H

Judy Farrell played the role of Nurse Able for an eight-episode stretch in the hit series M*A*S*H. Her first husband Michael also landed a role in the series as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt.

Judy Farrell Dead: Net Worth

Unfortunately, there aren’t many reputable outlets reporting concrete information on Judy’s net worth at the time of her passing. She, however, was estimated to be worth anywhere from $1 to $5M at the time of her death.

Did She Have Any Other Roles

Judy’s IMDb reveals she had 22 acting credits on her resume at the time of her passing. Some of these credits included:

  • Quincy ME
  • Fame 
  • Long-Term Relationship 
  • Intimate Strangers 

She also had three writing credits on her name for Port CharlesA Kid From Nowhere, and Fame.

Judy Farrell divorced her first husband, Michael in 1983. Just two years later, she remarried to Joe Bratcher. The actress is survived by her second husband and her two children, Michael and Erin.

Rest in peace, Judy Farrell.

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