‘Unexpected’ Jenna Ronan Confirms 2nd Baby, See Announcement

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Unexpected star Jenna Ronan has finally confirmed that she is expecting her second child. Rumors started to fly regarding this a short time ago. The mother to Luca captioned a photo of her and her boyfriend, JJ: “Mom and Dad.” This left fans wondering what was going on. Now, she is clearing the air and setting the record straight. Read on for more details.

Jenna Ronan Confirms 2nd Baby, See Announcement

Fans met Jenna Ronan during Season 4 of Unexpected. She showed up as a teenager in love with her boyfriend, Aden Albright. Together, they were a young couple trying to make things work. In the summer of 2020, their son, Luca was born. Regardless of the ups and downs, Jenna was desperate to make the romance work. She grew up in a broken home and did not want the same for her son. By Season 5, Jenna and Aden were definitely not on the same page. More so, she watched her parents come together and get along which made Jenna see that she did not need Aden to be happy.

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At the Season 5 tell-all, Aden was out and Jenna Ronan had the best confidence ever. She then underwent a breast augmentation and started to truly feel herself all while being a great mom. In the fall of 2022, Jenna slowly introduced her boyfriend, JJ. He made her and Luca very happy and they were seen celebrating holidays together. She eventually made their romance permanent by inking his name on her arm and then they posed together with the “Mom and Dad 🌞☀️🤍” caption. Fans started to think that maybe JJ had just stepped up as a great stepfather for Luca but now, the secret is out.

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In an Instagram post, Jenna Ronan and JJ are holding a sonogram picture. The caption reads: “Mom of two and I already can’t get them both in a picture☀️☀️.” She was referring to the fact that she had to take a separate photo of Luca holding the sonogram of his new sibling. Jenna’s co-star, Emersyn Potter immediately chimed in to congratulate her. “Congrats Jenna! Luca is gonna be the BEST big brother 🥺❤️,” the Season 5 alum wrote.

A New Chapter

Earlier this year, the returning cast for Season 6 of Unexpected was revealed. More so, Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan were the only two coming back. It is yet to be seen if Jenna’s pregnancy had anything to do with her return. However, fans have long loved her and watching her story. Plus, she has an amazing new chapter with JJ that she seems eager to share.

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As for what viewers can expect from this season, there will be some new girls but a lot of drama. It will be fun to see Jenna and JJ navigate family life. More so, it will be exciting to see Jenna become a mother for a second time as it appears that she has truly grown in so many ways.

Are you excited for Jenna Ronan and her beau? Do you love watching how much she’s grown since Season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Happy she finally gave up on that horrible relationship she was in, and happy she has grown. only thing she is still very young and did it again got pregnant why can’t these girls live life a bit more and give more time to their 1st child. yes have a boyfriend but really get to know if your gonna last before Bringing in another child…

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