‘Unexpected’ Season 6 Returning Cast Finally Revealed


The returning cast for Season 6 of Unexpected has finally been revealed. Fans have been waiting a long time for some information on the new season and now it is here. So, who will be back? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Season 6 Returning Cast Finally Revealed

After months of waiting and wondering, the Season 6 Unexpected cast is starting to be revealed. They are starting with the returning cast and one is definitely a fan favorite. According to @everything_tlc_unexpected, both Lilly Bennett and Jenna Ronan are confirmed to come back. As of now, they are the only two alums to come back for another round. Jenna has most definitely become one to watch after she confirmed her split from her high school boyfriend, Aden Albright. They had been together for Seasons 4 and 5. However, she started to see that it was not worth the fight and he was not putting forth any effort.

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She just tried to make it work for their son Luca but that was not enough. At the reunion, she was glowing and the mothers only hoped that Kylen Smith would find the same confidence that Jenna had. After the reunion, Jenna went on to get a breast augmentation and has since found new love with a man named JJ. Yet, she has shared that she and Aden are due to work out their custody agreement in the upcoming weeks. Fans will be excited to see her new love and how she manages being a young mom and her ex, as well.

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Lilly ended the season by moving into her parents’ home. They decided to go to a retirement community and felt it was only right to let Lilly and her family have a bigger home. More so, she was planning her wedding to Lawrence but was looking at the budget. This season, it is unclear what they will be dealing with but no doubt it will have to do with whether or not they will walk down the aisle.


It was confirmed several months back that Tiarra Boisseau and her family would not be returning to Unexpected. This apparently included her sister, Tyra. Yet, last season’s newcomer, Emersyn Potter said that if they asked her back, she would consider it. It seems that did not happen and there is a smaller cast. They have just an additional big event to film in March and then filming for the season will be over. As for when the show will premiere, that is up in the air but the hope is by the summer. Fans seem to be excited by this little bit of information so now it is just a waiting game.

Are you happy with who is returning? Was there someone else you wanted to see in the Unexpected cast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. I would like to see Haley 1 and tiara and sister and cousins back I’d actually would like to see all the unexpected moms back

    1. The tiara and Tyra & there cousin aren’t coming back because , the way Tyra got hate about her baby’s father & she’s pregnant again

  2. All are just a bunch of Useless Dumb/Skank Whores. They never should have had this show in the First Place!

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