‘Unexpected’ Is Jenna Ronan Pregnant With Baby #2?


Is Unexpected star Jenna Ronan pregnant with baby number two? She and her boyfriend, JJ recently gave away a clue that may indicate such. So what exactly did they do and say that has made fans believe they are expecting a bundle of joy? Read on for more details.

Unexpected: Is Jenna Ronan Pregnant With Baby #2?

Is Jenna Ronan pregnant again? She is already the mother to toddler, Luca who she shares with Aden Albright. The Unexpected star was first featured with Aden in Season 4 when she discovered she was pregnant as a teen. Though the couple had their ups and downs, Jenna was determined to make the relationship work. She did not want Luca to grow up in a broken home as she did but, by the end of Season 5, Jenna called it quits with Aden. She started to really see that he was not involved with growing as a couple and being involved.

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By the time the tell-all came around, her cast mates and fans were blown away by how amazing Jenna Ronan looked. She was glowing and excited for this next chapter of her life, which included a breast augmentation. Ronan has since been flaunting her killer curves while on adventures with Luca. Late last year, she revealed she was dating a new man named JJ. Recently, she made their romance permanent by inking his name on her arm. Now, it has been confirmed that Jenna will be a part of Season 6 and there may be a great reason why.

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Aside from being a fan favorite, Jenna Ronan may be expecting again. According to @everything_tlc_unexpected, she posted a new photo to her Instagram. She was posing with JJ and underneath it, she wrote: “Mom and Dad” followed by two sunshine emojis and a white heart. Immediately, fans jumped in with comments. “Either they are getting a pet together or they are going to have a baby. Regardless, I wish them the best,” one commented. Another added: “yay!!! good for her, she’s an amazing mom!🫶🏾🫶🏾.”

Something Else?

Some fans had other thoughts on Jenna Ronan’s announcement. They pointed out that some couples just refer to themselves as “Mom and Dad.” More so, one noted that this could just be an announcement that JJ is now the father in Luca’s life. It is yet to be seen what the truth is but if she is pregnant, this would make sense why she is back on Unexpected. Yes, she is living her best life and has a new romance but the fact that she could be adding a baby to the mix could be the icing on the casting cake.

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