‘Unexpected’ Jenna Ronan Makes New Romance Permanent

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Unexpected star Jenna Ronan is making her new romance permanent. She has been with her boyfriend since early Fall (so it appears). However, she is already cementing this relationship no matter what anyone says. So, what exactly did she do? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Jenna Ronan Makes New Romance Permanent

Jenna Ronan has solidified her new romance with boyfriend, JJ. After dating her son, Luca’s father, Aden Albright for a handful of years, she finally called it quits. This happened prior to the unexpected Season 5 reunion. She seemingly wanted to do her own thing and started to see her true self-worth. Even other mothers on the show hoped that their co-star Kylen Smith would take a hint from Jenna and find her value away from a man. Jenna went on to get a breast augmentation to enhance her self-esteem and began living her life to the fullest. Then, around the Fall of 2022, she started sharing pictures with her new man.

Jenna Ronan/IG
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JJ seemed to fit in really well, even adoring her son, Luca. She is a proactive mother so this was a big deal that he was caring and loving toward him. Now, after several months of bliss, Jenna Ronan has taken the next step. She tattooed JJ’s name onto the side of her wrist. The reality star showcased her new ink in a TikTok video that she made. She is cuddled up under a blanket and next to JJ. Then, she lifts her arm up to show “JJ” in cursive on her arm.

@jronan101 My lover 🤍 #tattooed ♬ original sound – ♨︎♧

“You didn’t…,” one follower immediately responded. Another added: “and it’s gunna be a cover-up tattoo soon enough😂😂 I’ve never met a female who hasn’t had to get it covered up.” Some wondered if it was a temporary tattoo while others were actually quite happy for her. If she had found true love, that was all that they cared about. Finally, one fan had this to say: “YIKES, personally I usually love you but girl this isn’t the vibe.”

Come A Long Way

Despite this questionable decision, fans are really proud of how far Jenna Ronan has come. When she started on Unexpected, she was in high school and was expecting her first baby. She really wanted to make it work with Aden to give her son the life she had always wanted. However, it was clear that Aden did not want to step up emotionally in the ways that Jenna and Luca needed him to. He lost his zest for life and the relationship so she went out on her own. Now, she is glowing and it looks like she may have found her real love.

Do you think getting this tattoo was a mistake or do you think Jenna Ronan is just having fun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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