‘Unexpected’: Jenna Ronan Teases Cleavage In Silky Purple Top


Unexpected cast member Jenna Ronan is really proud of her new body. She is glowing since she has been set free of her ex and baby daddy Aden Albright. Plus, a little maintenance thanks to plastic surgery has helped reignite her self-confidence. Now, she is continuing to show off new assets and she looks amazing.

Jenna Ronan Becomes An Unexpected Stand Out

When Jenna first appeared in Season 4, fans were a little skeptical of her and her boyfriend, Aden. He had convinced her that men ovulate just like women do. Therefore, they did not need to use protection. Obviously, this is not true at all and, of course, she ended up pregnant. Despite it all, she was determined to make their relationship work. Jenna came from a broken home with her parents having a lot of ups and downs. Therefore, she wanted better for her son and was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.


She and Aden welcomed their son, Luca and they tried to find ways to have a happy relationship. By Season 5, it was an uphill battle. He was quite controlling and Jenna was not all that happy. She stayed simply because of her son but soon, her parents were able to work out their differences. They all took a family trip to the beach, her father, stepmom, biological mom, Luca, and Aden but Jenna saw how miserable Aden was. He was a recluse the entire time and it was clear she needed to get away and do what was best all around. She received so much support from fans from this decision and started to glow again.

A New Look And Outlook

By the Season 5 Unexpected tell-all, Jenna confirmed she and Aden had split. She had moved into her own place and was extremely happy. Her friends were back in her life and she had one more big announcement. She was undergoing a boob job to even out her chest since Luca favored one side during breastfeeding. After the procedure, she took to TikTok to share her recovery and answer questions. Then, she started to flaunt her new look. Though she looked better than she ever had at the tell-all, this gave her the boost that she needed.

Jenna and Bestie

Recently, she posed in front of the mirror with a friend and shared it on her Instagram. They were dressed up and both in slinky tops with the caption “Bestie for life.” In ripped denim, Jenna paired it with a cropped lavender silk top. It boosted her up and showed a smidge of cleavage but she still kept it fun and youthful. There is no doubt she is living her absolute best life since leaving Aden and it shows in everything she does. She is a hands-on mother while not losing sight of being young. It has been great to watch her evolution.

What do you think of Jenna’s new look and would you want her back for Season 6 of Unexpected? Let us know in the comments.



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