‘Today’ Al Roker & Hoda Kotb Have A ‘Lady And The Tramp’ Moment

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Al Roker and Hoda Kotb shared a hilarious, but adorable, moment on The Today Show. Viewers were requesting that Al Roker eat a specific snack on air and he finally accepted the challenge. However, he wouldn’t do it unless Hoda Kotb joined in, which created this amazing Disney-like interaction on live television. Keep reading to learn more about The Lady and the Tramp moment.

Hoda Kotb Rejoins Today Crew In March

Regular viewers know that Hoda Kotb was missing from the morning show for quite some time. Eventually, Craig Melvin addressed the host’s sudden absence on air. According to Melvin, she was dealing with some family matters and would be returning to the program as soon as she can.

At the same time, Hoda was posting cryptic messages on her social media pages. The inspirational quotes and seemingly sad messages had fans concerned.

On March 6, Hoda Kotb finally returned to the set of The Today Show and shared some information about why she was gone. Hoda’s youngest daughter, Hope, wound up in the ICU. The three-year-old was in the hospital for a little over a week.

Hoda Kotb upon her return to 'Today' - YouTube

As Hoda shared details on air, she became teary-eyed, stating that she was just so glad to have both her little girls home again. Not to mention, Hoda was also glad to be back to work alongside her colleagues.

Al Roker Shares A PayDay With Hoda Kotb

Al Roker and Hoda Kotb have worked side by side for years. However, their working relationship got even closer on Wednesday’s installment of the morning show.

Viewers were calling for Al Roker to eat some of the PayDay that was seen by his side on the set. “We heard y’all: Al is eating the PayDay — and sharing it with @hodakotb,” the Today Show Twitter shared with viewers during Wednesday’s show.

Although Al stated that the candy didn’t look very appealing, people rallied to see him eat it on air. Eventually, he accepted this challenge, but only if Hoda Kotb joined in.

“Here, would you help me?” he asked. Hoda agreed to share the candy bar with him. What happened next is what was so unexpected.

The pair shared the PayDay, but the way they ate it is what got so much attention. Hoda Kotb was at one end of the candy bar and Al Roker was at the other. They seemed to be reenacting the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp. 

“Kind of a Lady and the Tramp moment,” Roker acknowledged the funny moment. Later, the show’s Twitter page shared a snap of the moment alongside a clip from the Disney film. Here’s a look at the comical meme.

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