‘Today:’ Craig Melvin Disgusted By Sheinelle Jones & Dylan Dreyer

Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, Craig Melvin & Dylan Dreyer With Guest

Craig Melvin shared his disgust for his co-anchors Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer. He couldn’t believe what he learned about his colleagues. The awkward moment took place in the latest broadcast of the Today Show. He called out the “nasty” and “cold” co-hosts in a tense moment. Meanwhile, Al Roker looked on with an amusing expression on his face. He clearly didn’t want to be there. Keep on reading for more details.

Craig Melvin called out his Today co-anchors

On Monday’s broadcast of the Today Show, Craig Melvin called out his co-anchors. He pin-pointed Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer this time. He made amends with Al Roker, who he has been riffing with for the past few weeks. The two recently made a united front and even got romantic for Valentine’s Day.

Yesterday, the co-anchors got into a heated exchange about washing their pajamas. It got them worked out when some of them admitted how often they do it. Al started things off by asking: “How often do you wear your clothes before washing them?” He stirred the pot as he watched his co-hosts bicker with one another.

Today Show Panel [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Craig Melvin responded: “What do you mean by how often?!” They all agreed that jeans don’t have to be washed every day. Sheinelle Jones shared that she wears her jeans “multiple times” before washing them. Craig noted that “jeans are different,” and require their own washing requirements.

The conversation shifted to pajamas. Dylan admitted that she wears her PJs three nights in a row before washing them. Craig Melvin looked disgusted. He exclaimed: “Three nights! After you take a show you’re rolling around in those jammies. You got skin cells.”

Al shared that “the average person perspires a cup of sweat every night.” Sheinelle shared that she sometimes sleeps in her work clothes. As the conversation continued, the co-hosts couldn’t stop laughing at Craig and Dylan taking shots at one another. He joked that her “veins” are “ice-cold.”

Al Roker sits back awkwardly and watches

During the funny conversation, Al Roker made a funny expression on his face. He couldn’t believe what his co-hosts were sharing. Craig Melvin called Sheinelle “nasty” for sleeping in her clothes from that day.

“You think you know people and then you start talking to them about stuff…” he added.

Today Show Panel [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Al informed the panel that any item of clothing that comes in contact with the skin should be washed after its own. Today Show viewers loved watching their interaction during the third hour. Some of them took to Twitter to react. They enjoyed the “hilarious” comments that left them “hollerin’.”

What are your thoughts on Craig Melvin being disgusted by Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer? How often do you wash your pajamas? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. So tired of this morning show ! Like Craig & Dylan but Al needs to retire! Sorry, he was good 20 years ago
    Love Hoda … but so so tired of the way all the hosts talk over each other … completely ruin interviews!
    After 49 years of watching Today Show we’ve moved on …

  2. I’m really surprised that the third hour cannot come up with more important and entertaining “news” than how often we wash our p.j.s. I really don’t care about what everyone else does, but in the post menopause world, it’s entirely too much. Who needs to know more than that???

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