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Al Roker Admits He Wants To Give Co-Host Craig Melvin ‘The Bird’

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Today Show’s fan-favorite weathercaster, Al Roker admitted in an on-air segment that he wishes to give co-host Craig Melvin, “The Bird.” In an awkward on-air moment, the weatherman threw shade at his co-host as the duo introduced viewers to some unique shopping items for Valentine’s Day. So, what did Al Roker mean by giving his co-host the aforementioned bird? Keep reading to find out the details!

Al Roker’s Wife Reveals The True Extent Of His Illness

Al Roker seems to be in good shape now that he is healing fast from his hospitalization last year. The NBC journalist spent almost two months recovering from blood clots in his lungs and legs. Recently, his wife, Deborah Roberts revealed the real extent of his illness. She revealed that the medical team surgically removed his gallbladder, conducted surgery on his colon, and also operated on a small part of his intestine.

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On Monday, the weather reporter was witty and sly with his commentary on the latest segment in Today’s 3rd Hour. For the segment, Al Roker was joined by his co-hosts, Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, and Shop All Day contributor Chassie Pos who highlighted some gift ideas for the special day.

Craig Melvin Notices The Melvin Family Bird

As per The Sun, Chassie showcased several options including heart-shaped charcuterie sets, a box of tasty cookies, personalized lipsticks, and much more. However, a unique gift that caught the Today hosts’ attention was the customized pet portrait option. As the hosts reached the final gifting item on the list, Craig pointed out his unique find in the list which was a green and yellow exotic bird’s framed portrait.

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He said, “I was surprised when I walked in, and I saw the Melvin family bird.”

Al Roker Shades Craig Melvin With An Unexpected Joke

Chassie talked about the portrait’s beautiful frame and showcased similar dog portraits. However, Al wasn’t really done gushing over Melvin’s favorite bird portrait.

The weatherman even quipped about it, subtly shading Craig, and said, “I’ve always wanted to give you the bird.” This obviously referred to giving him the middle finger. The entire group laughed at Roker’s unexpected joke directed at his co-host. Craig soon fired back and revealed, “And sometimes you do.”

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They soon moved on from the on-air jibe and focused on other Valentine’s Day gifting options.

What do you think of Al Roker shading his co-host Craig Melvin? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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