‘DWTS:’ Sasha Farber’s Chiseled Torso Glistens With Sweat

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Dancing With The Stars pro Sasha Farber just wrapped up his time on the 2023 tour. Now, he gets to rest and relax until Season 32 begins this fall.

Going on tour for three months can definitely be a lot of work! Thankfully, Sasha is finding ways to rest and rejuvenate his body. And his online followers are fawning over one spicy photo he uploaded this week.

Fans swoon over Sasha Farber as he steps out after a steamy sauna session

As far as fans know, Sasha Farber is a single man these days after separating from his wife, Emma Slater.

His first love will always be his dogs, Grinch and Ruby. But as long as Sasha keeps posting steamy shirtless photos on his Instagram page, he may not be single for long. Fans went wild for his post-sauna session.

Sasha Farber, DWTS, from Instagram
Sasha Farber/Instagram

Sasha uploaded a new photo after stepping out of the sauna. In the image, he’s shirtless and completely glistening with sweat — which also accentuates his well-toned muscles. He’s grinning and gesturing to the camera, indicating that he thoroughly enjoyed the heat.

“Who doesn’t love a sauna type of day !!!” the professional dancer captioned his Instagram post.

Sasha Farber, DWTS, from Instagram
Sasha Farber/Instagram

Me. I’m a cold soul,” Sasha’s friend and former DWTS contestant Kate Flannery joked in the comments. 

“You look like a slip n slide. But in a good way. 🤭” Sasha’s Season 31 partner Selma Blair added, noticing the dancer’s excellent physique.

A few other fans and followers added fire emojis — including Season 31 contestant Daniel Durant. It seems like everyone could really get behind this hot photo.

What do you think of Sasha Farber’s glistening, steamy photo? Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Will the fan-favorite dancer make it back for Season 32?

Even the pro dancers aren’t sure whether or not they will have a spot in the season until just a few weeks before the premiere. When the cast list came out last fall, Sasha Farber was actually expected to be in the troupe. Actress Selma Blair joined the cast at the very last second, so Sasha ended up having a partner to compete with.

The 40-year-old dancer hasn’t said whether or not he expects to join the Season 32 cast. However, it’s widely anticipated that he will if asked. With the ongoing DWTS baby boom, there will probably be many open spots.

Ultimately, casting decisions seem to be largely based on partner compatibility. Sasha Farber may be a fan favorite, but the casting department will need to find a good celebrity match for him.

Check back soon for more news and updates on Sasha Farber! You won’t want to miss out on a single story or steamy update.

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