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The REAL Reason Selma Blair Chose To Dance Blindfolded

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Selma Blair absolutely blew her fans away on Monday night. She completed her entire routine completely blindfolded! During the package on the show, Sasha said he noticed Selma closed her eyes a lot while she was practicing. He thought the blindfold would help enhance the performance and it certainly did.

But was there more to the blindfold than meets the eye? Keep reading to see what the actress had to say about the prop.

Selma Blair needs help with her sensory overload sometimes

Selma Blair is doing an amazing job on the dance floor, but she’s still battling MS. Recently, she even admitted that she’s been fainting before rehearsals. But no matter how many injuries and bruises she sustains, she’s still here to stay in the competition. The Legally Blonde actress even performed blindfolded during James Bond Night.

Selma Blair and Sasha Farber from Instagram
Sasha Farber & Selma Blair/Instagram

“That was actually the genius of Sasha…” Selma said of the blindfold element in an interview with Extra. “This is important for me and for the people that are in similar boats to me… You know neurologically, or just doing something totally new, that it’s so important to think outside the box, and I commend Sasha so much because in the past couple years, I’ve really gotten to know the disability community very well and I very much consider myself an ally, but I’m in this process too of figuring out how to gain strength and more coordination and stamina, and it’s just such a pleasure to find a partner that does that for me.”

Selma went on to say that when her eyes are open, she experiences a lot of sensory overload that triggers “MS-like pseudo-flare symptoms.” Shutting her eyes is one way of finding her center again.

The blindfold really was important to the routine, but it also helped Selma drown out extra sensations and just focus on the dance.

Sasha Farber loves seeing his Season 31 dance partner grow and thrive

Behind the scenes, Selma Blair is making so many friends. She frequently shows up in other competitors’ Instagram posts. She’s a bright light and shines wherever she goes.

Gabby Windey and Selma Blair, from Instagram
Gabby Windey & Selma Blair/Instagram

“This journey for me personally is, I feel like I’m on Selma’s journey and it’s a dream come true for me because this creativity, you know, it all comes from her, you know?” Sasha added in the interview with Extra. The Australian dancer went on to say that he’s so excited to see how she pushes boundaries during Disney+ Night. “I feel like this competition to me isn’t about the trophy and the scores. The critiques, yes, because like I love hearing feedback… but it’s about seeing Selma grow.”

This week, the remaining 13 contestants will perform fun Disney-themed routines on Disney+ Night. Selma and Sasha will be performing the Quickstep to “The Muppet Show Theme” from The Muppet Show. Without a doubt, it’s a routine that audience members can’t wait to see. After their Elvis Night Jive, viewers are eager to see how the pair handles the Quickstep.

Tune into Disney+ on Monday night at 8 PM eastern time to see it all play out. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite competitors to stay in the competition!

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