Cole Hauser Shares ‘Yellowstone’ Filming Update That May Frustrate Fans


Dutton Ranch’s own Rip Wheeler, actor Cole Hauser recently gave fans an update on the television’s top series, Yellowstone. Fans have been frustrated that the remaining six episodes of Season 5 have not aired.

Moreover, there are a lot of rumors coming out of the Paramount set. Some onset issues are plaguing the hit Taylor Sheridan Series. In addition, fans want to know whether Kevin Costner is out as John Dutton. Most of all, fans want to know when the series will be returning.

Although Hauser doesn’t have all the answers, what he has to say may frustrate impatient fans. What did he reveal?

Cole Hauser Updates Fans On Yellowstone Timeline

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser is a fan-favorite who may play the tough guy Rip Wheeler, but in real life, is just as brave. That is because he is not afraid of facing fans who are asking tough questions. Right now, all the questions are pretty tough because fans are waiting for Season 5, Part 2.

According to Express, Hauser was at the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo earlier in March. He bravely took the stage for a Q&A with fans. First, he manages to avoid talking about Kevin Costner altogether. He is smart enough to stay far away from revealing or speculating.

What he did reveal is that they plan on filming in the spring. It all started with a fan asking about his favorite roles, hinting that his role as Rip is his favorite. He answered diplomatically. “They all have a piece of my heart and certainly this one does as well.”

Next, he looked into his future. Moreover, he acknowledged that fans of the Paramount series have been waiting a long time. “You know, we’ll see what’s next but right now I’m focussed on giving you guys 5B, you’ve been waiting for it a little while!”

Finally, he revealed the news that may frustrate some fans. “But, we’re trying to go back to work in May, so hopefully that’ll happen.”

This sounds like he penciled this time in his calendar, not marked it up in permanent ink. There seems to be a hesitation that filming will resume in May.


When Will Yellowstone 5 B Premiere If They Film In May?

If Cole Hauser and the rest of the Yellowstone cast do reunite in May to film the remainder of Season 5, that would mean that they would not air until sometime in the fall. That will certainly frustrate fans who had planned on watching these episodes in the summer.

However, that was not the original plan. When Paramount announced that Yellowstone was on a hiatus, they shared that the series would return in the Summer. That was in 2023, not 2024.

But, things have been delayed already. There are reports that Kevin Costner is only available to film for about a week. While his lawyer Marty Singer has categorically described this as “lies,” it seems that there are many issues that have escalated since the beginning of the series. Costner has been called “headstrong.”

There are even insiders that have stated that it may be impossible for Costner to return after this showdown. But, those on Costner’s side have contended that Taylor Sheridan is so busy with his spinoffs and other projects that he is too busy for the OG. Costner believes that all of Season 5 should have been filmed in 2022, but Sheridan was late with scripts. Therefore, everything was delayed.


Is Yellowstone Filming In May?

Lastly, Cole Hauser spoke volumes when he said “we’re trying to go back to work in May.” This lack of certainty may frustrate fans more than the idea of watching Season 5B in the fall. That is because this leaves room for more delays.

Yellowstone fans, are you frustrated that they are so slow in filming new episodes?

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