Rip’s Instagram Ignites Angry ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Whose ‘Patience Is Wearing Thin’


The off-screen Yellowstone drama and the extended wait for the second part of Season 5 have ignited fans who are relating to a new social media post from the Paramount show.

The tagline about Rip’s “patience is wearing thin” could be a metaphor for the millions of fans who are tired of waiting for more episodes of their favorite Taylor Sheridan-created show. When is the series coming back to Paramount?

Moreover, what triggered the fans to lose their cool?

Yellowstone Fans ‘Patience Is Wearing Thin’

Recently, the Yellowstone Instagram page posted a video of Rip (Cole Hauser). He is stuck at a bar with his bride Beth (Kelly Reilly). She wants to celebrate her business deal, and he wants out. The miserable cowboy tells the guy next to him, “I got about a half-hour left in me of this s—.” While Beth is having a great time, the cowpokes are over it.

The social media caption reads “Patience wearing thin. #YellowstoneTV.”

But, the folks who created this social media post didn’t think things through. That is because they opened up the floodgates of unhappy fans. Then again, maybe they knew this would happen. Because in that scene, the next thing that happens is Rip getting Beth out of a bar fight. But, in the scene, Beth left unscathed. Yet, the Paramount series did not fare so well.

One commenter wrote, “Rip speaking for the fans … My thoughts about them taking a long break in the middle of the season wtf?”

Another commented, “My patience wearing thin waiting for season 5 to come out on Peacock or Paramount Plus.” Unfortunately for that person, they could be waiting longer than other fans. That is because when there are new episodes of Yellowstone, they will air on Paramount. However, they will eventually land on streamer Peacock. Unlike spinoffs like 1923, they will not air on Paramount+.


When Is Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 Premiering?

Does Paramount have a premiere date for the remaining episodes of Season 5? They do not. That is because they have not even begun filming the new episodes. Just a few weeks back, Yellowstone fans discovered there was chaos on set.

Accusations were flying that Kevin Costner would only be available for about a week to film. This was different from the first part of Season 5 when he filmed for nearly two months. This has led to fears of the series cancellation. On Costner’s side, his lawyer said that the accusations against the award-winning actor were “lies.”

At the same time that Paramount flung these accusations, they revealed that they are in talks with Matthew McConaughey about making a Yellowstone-related series that would include some of the actors from the OG. However, there have been no further developments on that side.


Where Is Kevin Costner Now?

Currently, the actor who portrays John Dutton in Yellowstone is starring and filming the second movie in the four-movie Horizon series.

Yellowstone fans, is your patience wearing thin?

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  1. I respect Kevin’s desire for other projects but his grace and style of participating in this show will effect my interest in his future projects.

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