When Will Season 5 ‘Yellowstone’ Return? See New Trailer


The final episode before the Yellowstone Season 5 mid-season break aired on Sunday. Moreover, Paramount also let fans know when to expect the second half.

When is the show starring Kevin Costner as John Dutton returning to television? We have that news and the new trailer.

Paramount Announces When Yellowstone Season 5 Returns From Mid-Season Break

On Sunday, Paramount aired the final Yellowstone episode, “A Knife And No Coin,” before the Season 5 mid-season break. Before this, they had not aired when the hit Taylor Sheridan series would return.

However, they aired a commercial for the second half of Season 5. Moreover, they announced when the show is returning. But, they were more general than specific.

According to the teaser trailer video, “Yellowstone Season 5 returns this summer with all new episodes.”

Therefore, the hit Paramount series will return in the summer of 2023. The trailer also advised fans to follow #YellowstoneTV on social media for all the latest updates. One of those updates will be the exact premiere date of the second part of Season 5.


Why Is Season 5 In Two Parts?

Why is Yellowstone Season 5 divided into two parts? That is because this season, unlike the first four, is supersized. There will be a total of 14 episodes this season.

That means the season is divided into two parts. Paramount has already aired the first eight episodes. That means that the second half that airs in the summer will be the final six episodes of Season 5.

Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 8 Ended With Cliffhanger

The final Yellowstone Season 5 episode before the mid-season break offered a dramatic ending. In this episode, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) called for the impeachment of his Governor John Dutton.

His adoptive father blocked the construction of an airport that would bring jobs to the region. Moreover, this airport would bring tourists and big money to the area.

However, at the time Jamie was calling to take his father figure down, John was dealing with another pressing issue. He was calling to halt a pipeline from going through a local reservation.

When Beth (Kelly Reilly) threatens Jamie with revealing that he killed his father, Jamie had his own threat. He told her about the Train Station. Jamie told her how her father and Rip (Cole Hauser) were responsible for killing a cornucopia of adversaries.

There are centuries worth of our family’s secrets at the bottom of that canyon.

Then, Jamie went for the jugular. “Ask your husband where the train station is and how many times he’s been there.”

Listen To The Yellowstone Podcast

What will fans do during the six-nine months before the series returns? There is a lot of other media that are related to the hit series. That includes the Yellowstone podcast. Jefferson White (Jimmy), and Jen Landon (Teeter) break down episodes, interview stars of the series, and discuss what happens in this Paramount series.

What did you think of the Yellowstone Season 5 mid-season finale?

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