‘Yellowstone’: Cole Hauser Tells Fans Secret Inside The Fight Scene

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In a memorable interview, Yellowstone fan-favorite Cole Hauser shared some insights into filming the Taylor Sheridan-created Western series.

What did the 47-year-old actor reveal about working with his co-star Forrie J. Smith?

We have those insights.

Cole Hauser Describes Co-Star ‘A Buckaroo’

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Cole Hauser described working with his co-star Forrie J. Smith in some classic cowboy terms.

Firstly, the actor who portrays Rip Taylor revealed that they do their own stunts. There are no stunt doubles. That includes fight scenes. As with such action stars as Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill, who do their own stunts, it is because the scene is more authentic, and the scene is more satisfying.

He also added that the 63-year-old Forrie J. Smith “has done the stunts throughout his career and obviously he’s a buckaroo.”

Therefore, Hauser confirmed that Smith had no qualms about making that fight scene rough and realistic. The gritty actor was ready for the beating.

He’s flown off a few horses so he allowed me to throw him around pretty good.

However, when Smith was on the ground, he let Cole help him back up.

Yellowstone-Cole Hauser-
Yellowstone-Cole Hauser-

Which Yellowstone Fight Scene Is Cole Hauser Talking About?

One rule at the bunkhouse is that there is no fighting. Moreover, those branded ranch hands are deemed untouchable. Therefore, Rip is strict with these rules and he will lay down the law.

Unfortunately, Lloyd let his emotions get the best of him. That led to a whipping from Rip.

Jealous and heartsick barrel racer Laramie (Hassie Harrison) dumps him for another ranch hand, Walker (Ryan Bingham), and Lloyd takes it out on someone else.

Lloyd picks a fight with a fellow branded, guitar-strumming ranch hand. Rip cannot let this happen. Although he understands the situation, he has to make Lloyd an example. He cannot let things get out of hand. He has to do this to protect Lloyd from himself.

The end result is Lloyd down, bloody, and beaten. Rip’s final move is to stomp on Lloyd’s hand in a final move.

This won’t happen again.

When Is Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 Coming Back?

It has been about 10 weeks since the Yellowstone Season 5, Part 1 finale episode. When will Paramount air the second half?

Unfortunately, they have yet to film these episodes. Moreover, it appears to be a standoff with Kevin Costner. Paramount says that he is only available for about a week to film eight episodes. Meanwhile, Costner’s lawyer countered by saying that this is false news.

Whatever the case, it seems that we are at a crossroads. The soonest anyone could expect to see more episodes is late 2023, or even early 2024.

Thankfully, Paramount+ has 1883 and 1923 for fans to watch. Both Yellowstone prequel spinoff series tells the gritty stories of the Dutton family. Moreover, both have been huge hits with fans.

Yellowstone fans, do you remember the fight that Cole Hauser talked about?


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