Kevin Costner’s ‘Headstrong’ Behavior Will Make Returning To ‘Yellowstone’ ‘Very Difficult’


Yellowstone fans are continuing to wait on the second half of Season 5. However, the news about Kevin Costner’s “headstrong” behavior should concern fans. The award-winning actor that portrays John Dutton on the Taylor Sheridan Paramount series has exhibited behavior that could make his return “very difficult.”

Moreover, there has been a lot of drama behind the scenes. So, will the show ever go on?

Why The Yellowstone Return Of Kevin Costner May Be ‘Very Difficult’ Now

There have been a lot of rumors about Yellowstone and the delay in filming Season 5. ┬áMoreover, the reports about the situation on the Taylor Sheridan hit series┬áset are so serious that it may become “very difficult” for star Kevin Costner to ever return.

These are some serious accusations! However, the credible reporter and entertainment lawyer Matthew Belloni recently dished it all out in an explosive Puck article.

Firstly, the former editor of The Hollywood Reporter revealed some shocking accusations about Kevin Costner’s “headstrong” behavior on set. That includes “noting” Taylor Sheridan, the series creator. It created major friction between Costner and Sheridan, who did not appreciate his lead star telling him how to make his series.

Next, once the series started to get more popular, Costner started to increase financial demands beyond his $1.2 million per episode paycheck.

Thirdly, Season 5 became a mess because Costner got Covid. Three sources “close to the production” revealed that Costner’s already short availability time frame became smaller. This happened when he got the virus while at a promotional event at the Calgary Stampede.

However, instead of staying longer so that he could film his scenes when he was well, he did not stay. That means they had to film “months later,” costing more money.

Lastly, Belloni told ET Canada that the situation is in a crisis now. “I think the negativity right now has gotten to a point where it’s going to be very difficult for him to come back to the show.”


Kevin Costner Accuses Yellowstone Creator As Too Busy To Work On OG

On the other side, Belloni reveals that another person close to the production seems to side with Kevin Costner. They revealed that Costner was upset with Taylor Sheridan for being too busy to get Yellowstone scripts on time and moving the schedule.

Moreover, Season 5 should have been filmed in 2022. However, Sheridan’s cornucopia of shows in the Yellowstone universe and beyond have taken a lot of his time. In addition, they pointed out that Costner fulfilled his contract obligations, even after Covid delayed his filming schedule. Costner filmed nearly two months for the first half of Season 5 but is available at a limited capacity for filming the remainder of the season.

Paramount has accused Costner of only being available for about a week, but Costner’s lawyer Marty Singer calls these accusations “lies.”

However, Taylor Sheridan is not the only one with a packed schedule. Kevin Costner has a lot of projects going on now, including one that he is working on now.


Where Is Kevin Costner Now?

Currently, Kevin Costner is in Utah filming his new four-part movie series Horizon, An American Saga. We know this because they just cast extras in the St. George area.

Costner started filming this project in 2022 and is currently filming the second movie. In addition, the Field Of Dreams star will also be acting in this movie along with Sam Worthington, Danny Huston, Luke Wilson, Sienna Miller, Thomas Haden Church, as well as others.

Currently, it seems that Costner is working on this project, but there is no information on when he will start filming Yellowstone Season 5. In addition, they plan on filming the remaining six episodes of Season 5 in the Summer of 2023.

This could mean that Yellowstone could return in late 2023. But will John Dutton be back? That is a question that is left unanswered.


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