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‘Today:’ Jenna Bush Hager SHOCKS By Chopping Off Her Hair

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Viewers of The Today Show were shocked to see photos snapped of Jenna Bush Hager over the weekend that made it look like she chopped off her hair. Jenna, who has admitted she isn’t a fan of change, addressed fans who said she went behind their backs. Keep reading to see how Jenna responded and a photo of the “new do.”

Jenna Bush Hager Tries Out A Different Look

Last month, Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist Chris Appleton was on Today. “You guys never change up your hairstyle,” he nagged the co-hosts on air before giving Jenna Bush Hager a quick makeover.

He continued to talk about the importance of changing your look from time to time while he twisted Jenna’s hair into a ponytail. Then, he turned the Today Show host to the side so that the crowd could witness her transformation.

Appleton began clipping her hair up. A terrified Jenna shouted, asking what he was doing. The stylist continued on and fluffed the hair clipped to the back of her head.

Chris Appleton and Jenna Bush Hager on 'Today' - YouTube
YouTube/TODAY with Hoda & Jenna

Hoda Kotb piped up, saying that Jenna’s new look was cute. Jenna Bush Hager went on to say that she doesn’t normally make any changes in the way she looks. Then she joked that Chris Appleton inspired her to cut her hair into a bob.

So, when fans saw her hair looking much shorter in her social media posts from the weekend, they were floored.

Fans Shocked By Jenna’s Apparent New Haircut

After toying with a new look on Today, Jenna Bush Hager posted a few photos of her weekend on Instagram. In one of the shots, it looked like Jenna had chopped all of her hair off. Fans went wild in the comments.

“Jenna!!!! Did you get that Bob hairdo????😍😍😍😍” one person commented. Another chimed in, “You did get the Bob!!! Love it!!”

A few people felt like she was trying to save a hair reveal for the morning show. One person said that she “went behind their backs” and got the chop anyway.

Jenna Bush Hager playing a card game - Instagram
Instagram/Jenna Bush Hager

However, Jenna quickly shut down the people going back and forth in the comments. “No! Just looks like it,” she replied. According to Jenna, her hair got tucked into her turtleneck, making it appear as though she’d undergone a severe chop.

Despite that, many think the bob cut would look good on Jenna Bush Hager. More than a few people support a change in her look. What do you think?

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