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‘Today’ Al Roker Shows Fierce Strength After Recent Health Scare


Today show’s favorite weathercaster Al Roker showcased fierce strength on air after his recent health scare. As he showed off his strength, the journalist also admitted that things could go wrong quickly. The weatherman suffered blood clots in his legs and lungs along with internal bleeding that led to his hospitalization twice in 2022. The 68-year-old was on medical leave for 2 months after which he finally started recovering and returned to the show on January 6, 2023. So, how did Al Roker show his strength on air? Keep reading to find out the details!

Al Roker Encourages Viewers to Join Today’s Walking Club

On the latest episode of the Today show, Al Roker demonstrated his skills in a rigorous exercise routine. He worked out with the talk show’s fitness contributor Stephanie Mansour in the segment Start Today. The instructor showed some exercises viewers can do at home to keep fit. Alongside Stephanie and Al Roker was Kathy, who is a heart disease survivor that underwent a transplant surgery five years ago.

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Given her love for walking, Kathy joined the Start Today Walking Challenge in June due to its inspiring community. Later, Al Roker explained during the Start Today segment that for the month of February he wishes to focus on heart health. As per The Sun, he also encouraged the viewers to join the walking club by scanning the QR code that appeared on the screen.

Al Roker Attempts The Goddess Pose

Stephanie then started the exercise routine by revealing that for the heart health month, she would focus on strength training. She revealed, “Research actually shows that when you combine cardio with strength training, you get more benefits for your heart.”

The instructor then started demonstrating some upper-body exercises along with Kathy and Al as each used dumbbells for the routine. The routine started with the W press that worked on their upper back and shoulder. This was followed by the V Lift that focused on their core and shoulders. However, as Stephanie leveled up to the Goddess Pose, things got tricky for Al Roker.

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As Al Roker squatted in the exercise that focuses on the glutes, inner thighs, and quads, he admitted, “Things could go wrong quickly.”

Even though the weatherman was skeptical of the intense pose, he showed off his strength and did the routine effectively along with other ones shown by Stephanie.

Al Roker Has Lost A Lot Of Weight Post-Hospitalization

While fans had been worrying about his health after hospitalization, it looks like this fitness routine has confirmed that he is recovering fast. However, the weatherman has surely lost a lot of weight as is evident from his latest pictures on Instagram. He even admitted that he has been having trouble gaining weight after his hospitalization.

Al Roker The Today Show Instagram

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What do you think of Al Roker’s recent show of strength on air? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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