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Kim Kardashian Bows To Demanding Fans, Makes Big Change

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Kim Kardashian is listening to her biggest critics- her fans. They have been asking her to change up something big. Finally, the mogul and reality star listened but is being met with mixed emotions. So, what exactly did she change? Read on for more details.

Kim Kardashian Bows To Demanding Fans, Makes Big Change

It is no secret that Kim is a hair chameleon. She went blonde earlier in the year to go with her iconic Met Gala look. Kim decided to wear the late Marilyn Monroe’s gold dress that she donned to sing “Happy Birthday” to JFK back in the sixties. However, it took an immense amount of dedication to get her body into this legendary dress. Once she achieved the body, it was time for Chris Appleton to take her black tresses to Marilyn’s platinum blonde.

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What would have taken days was done overnight, strip by strip and Kim luckily kept all of her hair. Since then, she has kept the blonde though she debated going back to dark. According to The Sun, fans had grown tired of her dry-looking blonde with the grown-out roots. Therefore, she appeared to finally listen to their pleas and added some depth to the blonde thank to Appleton.


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“Honey 4 Miami. What do you guys think to the new color we did?” Appleton asked after Kim shared photos on her Instagram of the new look. “So much better than that unhealthy blonde look with rat tail ends had to go, finally Much better. Bring life back into your skin tone,” one person noted. Others agreed that it was perfect for Miami and they liked it a lot. Yet, there were many followers who had doubts about the hair, and here’s why.

Are You For Real?

While it was a nice change, there was some speculation that Kim Kardashian was just wearing a good wig. “It’s a nice wig,” someone commented. Yet, not everyone was a fan of the hair, real or fake. “You should really clarify when you’re wearing a wig. As a hairdresser who gets shown inspo pics of you going from black to blonde in one sitting – it’s not attainable and people don’t realize that it’s not your hair.” It does not seem that Kim is willing to acknowledge whether or not this is her real hair or a piece. It could just be something she is trying out before committing.

Either way, she gave fans what they asked for and there is still scrutiny. What do you think of Kim’s honey hue? Are you over the blonde locks? Let us know in the comments below.

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